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California University Of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Said:

can someone tell me about California university of Pennsylvania?

We Answered:

You can Request Information:


Prospective Students:

Tiffany Said:

Is anyone familiar with the California University of Pennsylvania?

We Answered:

their online program is covered under their regular accreditation (Middle States), in 99.9999% of cases, this is how it works for online programs. PASSHE probably also reviewed the program and gave it a stamp of approval.

Cal U of PA is a 'decent' school.

Herbert Said:

Should California University of Pennsylvania Vulcans change its mascot?

We Answered:

I'm gonna say YES!

But I believe that image is copyrighted.

Randy Said:

SAT score needed for california university of pennsylvania?

We Answered:

not a geography whiz?

Ramon Said:

im going to california university of pennsylvania?

We Answered:

well... i live by it. my cousin went there. i guess it is an ok university. Havvveeee funnn at

Mario Said:

Does California University of Pennsylvania have TV's in the Dorm Common Areas?

We Answered:

Oh Yes they do! The dorms are better than most hotels and having amazing ammenties.

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