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Best University In The World

Lydia Said:

Which is the best university in the world to study mathematical/theoretical physics?

We Answered:

My sad impression is that Cambridge University is no longer one of the premier places to study physics. However, it may not matter.

Decades ago, I once asked Richard Feynman if it would be a good idea to go to CalTech. He replied that, as long as I went to a first-class place that didn't spoon-feed, it didn't matter: CalTech, Berkeley, Harvard, etc. were all fine places.

My own further thoughts on the matter:
- for Graduate School, it makes a great deal of difference where you go, because you will have to find a research topic from a professor there. Ideally, you should choose the school based on your likelihood of getting a position with a professor with whom you are intellectually and personally compatible, if you can ever learn enough ahead of time to make this decision.
- for Undergraduate School: If you are highly competitive and really on top of your game, you could do quite well at CalTech or MIT - but it could be a test to destruction. You have to recognize that all the kids that go to CalTech have been at the very top of the top of their classes FOREVER - and upon arrival, 50% will find that they are "below average". This makes for a very tense and competitive atmosphere, which is actually not the best for learning. I should say that the faculty at CalTech make every attempt to be supportive of their undergraduate students.

You might be much better advised to go to a different first-class place which is not so intensively competitive. This does NOT mean that you could never compete scientifically afterwards: It would just give you a chance to find your feet without having to be bombarded by people who may be much faster or have been exposed to much more earlier. The fastest people are NOT always the best!

So, I don't know if there is a "best place". I'm sure Cambridge would qualify as first-class.

Sally Said:

Students of the World:What is the Best University in the World?

We Answered:

Harvard or Oxford.

Anna Said:

What is the best University in the World?

We Answered:


Regina Said:

which university is the best in the world for civil engineering course?

We Answered:

MIT in America.

Carl Said:

Is the reason why the Best Spanish Speaking University in the world?

We Answered:

You're arrogant for no apparent reason. It's good that UNAM is ranked the 75th best university in the world, that's a great achievement. But what does being "good looking" have to do with anything. Maybe you should try to keep your ego and "Mexican superiority rants" in check, OK. Last time I checked Mexicans were no better or worse than any other human group.

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