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Best Universities In Uk

Kirk Said:

Best UK Universities to study Media Management?

We Answered:

Hi Friend,

More more information regarding the best institutes in UK regarding your course just go through the link below. It might solve your all queries.

Mildred Said:

what are the best UK universities to study actuarial science?

We Answered:

Sorry have no idea,can not help

Willie Said:

What are the best universities in UK for graphic design?

We Answered:

Nottingham tent university is the absolute best for graphic design. it has only recently changed from a polytechnic to a uni which is why it is not high in league tables - academic subjects are not Trent's strong point but it is a highly re guarded uni for all art subjects, especially well recognised for graphic design, fantastic buildings a facilities ,you should visit on an open day they have them very often, good luck

Wallace Said:

What are the best UK universities in pharmacy?

We Answered:

I don't know but I love your hat.

Benjamin Said:

The best UK universities for Advertising/Marketing and Brand management?

We Answered:

This may help was in Independent Newspaper in August 2009

degrees/marketing-756198.html" rel="nofollow">…


Why do it? Strategy, strategy, strategy?that’s the name of the game if you want to become a hotshot marketeer. Whether you’re selling in commerce, for charity or in the public sector it’s all about getting people talking, getting products shifting, and calculating your ROI (marketing jargon for return on investment) to prove how essential you are. And it’s all about putting right spin on things and locking into corporate and media trends. If you’re an ambitious go-getter with creative ideas and an ability to talk the talk, marketing is for you. Oh and “marketing” in its truest sense is a very different beast from sales jobs of a cold calling variety, which a lot of companies try to push on new graduates under the guise of marketing. So beware!

What's it about? Sales, advertising, management, finance, creative design and market research all come under the marketing umbrella. It could lead you to advertising and PR agencies, government departments, consultants or internal communications for all manner of businesses. Corporations large and small need a good comms team. Jobs are generally well paid, reflecting how important the role has become to businesses and governments. You can expect to cover topics such as economics, accounting, psychology, law and statistics as part of the core course in the first year. More specialised electives are introduced in later years, dealing with subjects such as human resources, decision science, sales operations, advertising research and internet marketing. Birmingham City University offers a degree in marketing, advertising and PR; Brighton University offers business management with marketing, as well as more niche qualifications such as travel and tourism marketing and‘marketing food and drink; The University of Central Lancashire offers fashion and brand promotion and marketing as a four year course; You can even do a degree in creative and professional writing/marketing at the University of East London. This is a popular degree among newer universities and there are about 1,400 courses available for 2010. The older red brick institutions tend not to offer marketing at undergrad level, although Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds are among the exceptions.

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What are the students like? Ambitious, focused and lively. The intake is generally equally split between the sexes. It is also a popular course with international students. “The majority of the students are young international males who are usually pretty reserved and keep themselves to themselves,” says one student.

How is it packaged? The course focuses on practice as well as theory. Plymouth uses continuous assessment throughout and has a 48-week industrial placement in the third year. At Strathclyde, the course is mostly taught and assessment is a mixture of essays, case studies, and reports, with a dissertation in the final year. At Manchester the emphasis is less on lectures and more on case studies and seminars. In the final year there is an even wider range of options and you can opt to write a dissertation in your field of specialisation. Assessment at Stirling is 50 per cent coursework and 50 per cent exams.

How long is the degree? Three for a standard BA or BSc (Hons). Four years if you do a sandwich course with a year in industry or if you’re studying in Scotland.

What A-levels do you need? Anything goes, for the most part. Strathclyde, ask for Maths.

What grades? AAB at A level for Manchester’s Management (Marketing) degree; Strathclyde asks for BBC; Plymouth and Aberystwyth ask for a minimum of 260 UCAS points; Birmingham City University asks for 280 plus.

What do students say? “A marketing degree covers some of the most challenging aspects in any industry: researching, positioning, pricing and targeting a product and a specific market. While the degree is extremely interesting, you learn so much about how to promote and sell goods that is a bit repetitive,” says Daniel Williams, a second year chemistry and management studies (incorporating marketing) student, at Bangor.

"The course offers a broad spectrum of marketing areas to study which provided me with a solid grounding on which to base my future career. The industrial placement in the third year was invaluable and enabled me to put theory into practice," says Charlotte Liggins, who studied at Plymouth.

Will you be interviewed? Sometimes at Plymouth, but most places don’t interview.

Will it keep you off the dole? Yes, although marketing is one of the areas that gets hit during a recession. Salaries are potentially very high and the opportunities varied within wide spectrum of organisations.

Where can you

Anita Said:

Best UK universities for Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations?

We Answered:

University of Edinburgh
University of Leeds

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