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Best Universities In The World

Jean Said:

What are the best universities in the world to study undergrad. war/strategy/intelligence?

We Answered:

I have a friend at the University of Kent who studies something like this, and he seems to really enjoy his course so i would say check out the website and the courses on offer, but not sure how it ranks nationally/internationally or whether it is exactly what you are looking for

Alice Said:

What is the name for the best universities in the world?

We Answered:

Ivy League only applies to American universities, not the world. In the UK, Oxford and Cambridge are referred to as Oxbridge. I don't think there's a global term.

Mario Said:

what are the best universities world wide to study medicine in?

We Answered:

please refer : and find your answer in its ads...

Jennie Said:

Is Manchester one of the best Universities in the world?

We Answered:

It ranks #78 on this list of top universities in the world -- making it #8 in the UK

Gordon Said:

What makes American universities one of the best universities in the world?

We Answered:

First off, best is subjective. But American universities tend to have a couple of common traits that stand out:

1. Money. Simply that. More alumni and corporate dollars mean better facilities, better research, bigger salaries to attract the best researchers, better infrastructure (computers, processing, books, etc). Many universities have access to national labs or top corporate research institutions. There are always caveats (if you want to study ancient Greece, the University of Athens is probably your best shot). But money goes a long way.

2. Students are encouraged to challenge assumptions and defend their position. I myself went toe-to-toe with my adviser in grad school. Eventually he admitted I was right and he was wrong. Later students from China and Iran both told me that would never have happened in their country - they would have rewritten that part of their thesis. We are taught that if we have a strong thesis and valid defense to fight for that position (and if we're wrong, to accept it gracefully and learn from it).

3. Finally, the fact that top employers recruit at the best universities. That means graduates will get some of the highest starting incomes in the world, IF they get the grades at the best universities. Not only the top US students apply, but the top students in the world (India, China, etc) This makes them extremely competitive. By the time the students make their way through college and grad school, they are the top in their field in the world.

Discuss It!

university tuition said:

There are many best universities in the world but I think Harvard University is one of the best University in the world.

low gpa medical school said:

I agree with you, Harvard is one of the best University but It really depends upon what you want to study, what kind of environment you are most comfortable in, and how you relate to your peers and professors.