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Best Universities In Canada

Leon Said:

Best universities in canada to prepare me to become a doctor?

We Answered:

McGill in Montreal
Queens (Kingston)
OR McMasters (Hamilton)

my sister is a doctor and went to McGill
my cousin is a doctor and he went to Queens
my other cousin is also a doctor and went to McMasters

i want to be a doctor and i want to go to McMasters because it has the best health science program and 50% of its graduates go to medical school which is actually quite a good statistic

Lynn Said:

What are the best universities in Canada for Biology?

We Answered:

Queens in Kingston!

Lauren Said:

What are the best Universities in Canada for Bioengineering?

We Answered:

the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon

Wendy Said:

What are the best universities in Canada for Architecture or Accounting?

We Answered:

Well, I'm an architect and to tell you the truth just by you asking that question I can tell you that you should not study architecture. Only those who really can't see themselves as anything else but an architect remain standing. You need the drive the motivation because after you leave arch school, you get hammered by you boss because you are young and they want the most amount of work in the least amountof time.(99% of the time) Architects trully work hard for the money they earn. I'm on a deadline for tomorrow. Just taking a break. Probably won't sleep tonight. Accounting can be easy as a career, if you want it to be. Architecture is hard. Period.

Troy Said:

What are the best universities in Canada for Accounting?

We Answered:

Waterloo is the best place for accountancy. I believe York may also have a good program

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