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Best Online Universities

Lillie Said:

What are the best online universities?

We Answered:

University of Phoenix is worthless.

If you MUST take a degree online, enroll in one of the many non-profit colleges that offer online education, or consider one of the respectable non-profit (public) purely online colleges such as:

Athabasca U
Excelsior College
Western Governors U

Tyler Said:

What are the best Online Universities?

We Answered:

From what I have heard UOP is not a good school. As an enrollment counselor for Grand Canyon University, I have ran into some students that have been cheated out of money and some of the counselors are not very nice. I have done some research and the top online colleges (not in any order) are:

Grand Canyon University
DeVry University
Kaplan University
University of Phoenix
Ashford University

Clayton Said:

What are the best online universities to use in Canada?

We Answered:


Hazel Said:

best online universities for military personnel?

We Answered:

The absolute best online school that you could attend is American Military University. They are regionally accredited and accept military tuition assistance for their classes. They have many Bachelor's degrees and will accept most credits from other universities. I am a student at AMU and I love it. There is no better school to go to if you want a good online education. Good luck and keep America safe.

Ruben Said:

What are the best Online Universities to look into?

We Answered:

IMHO, without doubt, the best online school is Harvard Extension School:

However many other reputable brick and mortar schools like the SUNY schools also offer online courses:

Basically what you want are schools that are also highly reputable brick and mortar schools. Many such schools also offer online programs these days.

Another highly reputably school is Regis:…

They also cater for students who have credits from CC's or other sources.

Still another reputable school is Tiffin:

By reputation they also provide a lot of help to online students to ensure you make the grade. They have a unique system of 'success coaches' that coach and mentor students.

For what its is worth I would tend to go for a program like Tiffins for my associates, and take advantage of their coaching and mentoring, then transfer to Harvard.


Felix Said:

What are the best Online Universities that are really accredited?

We Answered:

I have never heard of "MBA" and i don't know if you mean a real uni or one of those fake "online uni's" (scam... lol).

BUT i can say that the Uni of Newcastle is one of the best in Australia... it's actually an internationally recognised Uni, Not only that, but its a great place to hang out. it's my uni...;)

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personal statement structure said:

Grand Canyon University is one of the best university for online courses.

statement of interest graduate school said:

Harvard is also one of the best University for online and regular studies.