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Auburn University Address

Stephanie Said:

What is Auburn's University Mailing address?

We Answered:

Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama 36849
Phone: (334) 844-4000

Heather Said:

"Y'all" vs. "You guys"? Silly, silly question?

We Answered:

It's not going to sound out of place at all along with your smart-aleky Yankee accent.


Don't worry about it, Southerners know you are from a different place because you talk funny, and that wouldn't be the only phrase you'll learn down there. Besides Universities are filled with people from all parts these days and hearing different accents is unremakable (almost).

jes go wit the flo dahlin'

Franklin Said:

odd question but it's puzzling me?

We Answered:

You can't get an email address from a school unless you are enrolled there. But you can join a regional network. Hope this helps.

Charlotte Said:

Which state taxes need to be paid for my daughter who goes to an out-of-state college?

We Answered:

Look at the bottom of your daughter's W-2. If a state is listed you must file in that state. Just pay attention to the numbers associated with that state.

Elsie Said:

Does anyone have an idea of how I can do this?

We Answered:

Could you ask her parents?

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