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At Still University

Glenn Said:

Does anyone knowif Alcohol Law Enforcement's still at University of North Carolina Wilmington or if they left?

We Answered:

They will always be there in one way or another.

Gabriel Said:

If if moved off campus will i be given aide for housing still at bloomsburg university?

We Answered:

Ask the accomodation department of the university about your housing grant.

They will be able to tell you which areas of town are popular with students.

Joann Said:

Is it possible to study nursing at university while still self harming?

We Answered:

It's possible, but I am a nurse and want to tell you..there aren't any jobs in this field! On top of that...the abuse rate is SOOOO's just not rewarding. I feel bad that I can't help my patients the way I want's all due to corruption and disorganization...bullying is also very high in this field.

Beatrice Said:

If I am still studying at the university, shall I be given a tourist visa for the USA?

We Answered:

You actually have a better chance than most since you are studying.

The fact that you are still enrolled in university is a tie to your home country, take you enrollment documentation along with all of the other documents you need when you attend the U.S. Embassy for an interview.

Steven Said:

will i still make friends at university living at home?

We Answered:

Yeah, quite a few of my best friends at uni lived at home. Just be sure to join lots of clubs and societies and be sociable with people in your classes and you will have a great time.

All the best =)

Cory Said:

If college credits expire after five years will a university still look at old credits?

We Answered:

I was told the deadline is seven years. That's here in Indiana. But if you get your degree like your bachelors and you go back ten years later to get you doctrine all you credits for your bachelors are still good.

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