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Accredited Online Universities

Ramon Said:

Is there a website that shows recognized accredited online universities?

We Answered:

The Office of Post Secondary Education (US Dept of Ed) has an online tool which will list all accreditations for a school. Here's the link…

Justin Said:

What are the best accredited online universities worldwide?

We Answered:

Open University in Britain is number one and nobody else is even close.

Vivian Said:

What are some afforable, accredited online universities?

We Answered:

University of Phoenix is no good at all. People who have U of Phoenix degrees suffer humiliation their entire careers.

DeVry's Engineering Technology degrees are very good (accredited by TAC/ABET), but other DeVry degrees are sub-standard.

Many decent regionally-accredited "brick & mortar" colleges offer online versions of their degrees these days. Make sure the online version is a mirror of the on-campus degree, and that some kind of interactive medium is used (such as Blackboard). In general, online courses should only be a small part of the overall degree.

Few 100% online schools are any good. Two exceptions are:
Western Governors University
Athabasca University

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