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Access Courses For University

Julia Said:

Access to HE Courses ?

We Answered:

I have just compleasted my access to higher education for health. As far as i know all unis except access courses and they love access students. I am 36 and just going to start my 3 year nursing degree at uni and I got expelled from main stream school when i was 15 for being so naughty, so go for it. Check out Kingston or something nearer you...good luck :)

Eileen Said:

Help please? About the courses in University.?

We Answered:

Nurses are made by God / Allah. If God didn't make you a nurse, then you shouldn't be a nurse.

If God made you to be a nurse, then you need to find out what kind of nurse -- nursing home, emergency room, surgery, etc. All are very different from one another.

I'd go to a hospital and ask the head of the nursing staff to do an internship, where you'd get to do some of the work of a nurse, but without pay. You'll know in a couple of days whether you belong there -- the other nurses will let you know!

Matthew Said:

How much is an access to university course?

We Answered:

The access course I'm currently doing cost £980. At my college it's possible to pay it termly rather than in one lump sum.

Carmen Said:

belfast... access to university course?

We Answered:

the previous answer ha s said it all will be going there tomorrow myself my daughter has an interview in the morning as well!!
i think u have a very good chance and good on you for wanting to do something with your life
good luck......

Jessie Said:

Access course into university for aerospace engineering?

We Answered:

Some people look down their noses at certain universities. So, yes to some people degrees from those uni's aren't as well looked upon. There will always be snobbery about universities though so I wouldn't give it much thought if I were you.

To get top marks in an Access course is equivalent to 3 A* at A-level though so I don't understand why Access courses aren't accepted by certain uni's. As a mature student who has returned to study & has a job you are showing a high level of commitment to your studies & the uni's that don't accept Access students are cutting their noses off to spite their faces in my opinion. I have a degree from one of the less well respected universities but I have not found it to be any barrier to getting a job. At the ned of the day a degree is a degree. I'd sooner employ someone with a first from one of the lesser uni's than someone with a third from one of the more respected uni's.

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