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Academy Of Art University

Chris Said:

Difference between Computer Arts: New Media and Graphic Design at Academy of Art University?

We Answered:

Hello! I'm a student at AAU and here's about as much as I know:

New Media is part of the Computer Arts school, so you're going to learn more about web design and web graphics. You'll probably learn programs like Photoshop, Flash, After Effects Fireworks, Dreamweaver, etc. and probably some basic HTML, CSS, etc.

Graphic Design is more traditional arts based, where you'll learn the principals of design and stuff like typology, calligraphy, print and package design.

You can always change your major if you end up liking one more than the other. You can probably even float between the two and still be a graphic designer, but learn the tools of the new media trade.

Melissa Said:

what do a international student need to submit to Academy of art university ?

We Answered:


I'm a student at the Academy of Art University right now, and I think it depends on whether you are applying for an undergraduate or graduate degree. However, either way it looks like you'll need to submit official high school transcripts and diploma to enter as an undergraduate, or university transcripts to enter as a graduate student. The admissions reps at the Academy are very helpful so I'm sure if you email [email protected] or fill out the Mail Me Info form someone will help you right away.

I hope this helps and good luck!

Leah Said:

How much does it coast to attend the Academy of Art University a total of four years?

We Answered:

You will be repaying those college loans for the rest of your life. Art is in the soul, why do you need someone else to inspire you? Did the great artists learn their gift in school? I would reconsider the entire thing. 10k absolute bare minimum for tuition.....5k for books and housing for one year is 15 a year. That is 60k. Now if you went to work you would earn (again bare minimum) 20k and over 4 years that is 80k. That is roughly 150,000 dollars for someone else to tell you what is in your soul and teach you to be creative? Isnt that the opposite of art? 150k at 5% is 7.5k a year in interest alone and compounded over 50 years is 1.7 million dollars. Go to a compound interest calculator and put the numbers in yourself if you do not believe me. Now that is with minimum numbers and only at 5% and assuming you do not add a penny. Nearly 2 million by the time you are 70. Unless you are going to be a doctor or engineer or in business, you are a fool to go to college...especially for "art" *still paying off college loans after 10 years and not even half way done*

April Said:

Is the academy of art university a decent college?

We Answered:

I currently attend Academy of Art University, and my experience there has been great. I’ve been learning a lot in my classes, which are all taught by industry professionals and I’ve gotten great industry exposure through working internships for big name companies.

Misty Said:

How are the master programs at the Academy of Art University?

We Answered:

AAU-San Francisco has been around for years. It remains small - under 7,000. About 58% of freshmen return for their sophomore year, which is not very high but is also not necessarily a reflection on the school - I suspect a lot of students find themselves while there and decide to do something different.

You may also wish to look at the University of Missouri. They have one of the best journalism schools in the USA and their fashion and textile program is reknowned.

Judy Said:

is Academy University of Art a good school to go to...?

We Answered:

Academy of Art University is a great school to go. I am currently majoring in Photography there, and have friends who are studying Fashion Marketing and in Fashion Journalism. We all really enjoy being at the Academy because all of the classes are taught by industry professionals so we’re learning a lot, and get to work on projects for lots of big-name companies.

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