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Academy Of Art University San Francisco

Harvey Said:

San Francisco Art institute or Academy of the Art university?

We Answered:

If I had a choice, I would go to the San Francisco Art Institute. I understand they have a lot more personal attention to their students

Ruben Said:

Has anyone gone to the Academy of art University San Francisco Summer Pre-college program?

We Answered:


I definitely think the summer pre-college art program is worth it. If you're unsure about what you'd like to study in college, this program can help you decide. You can also gain college credit, which is always great. And you'll strengthen your portfolio. I know that the program is taught be some of the best teachers in the Bay Area. I really don't see a downside.

Good luck!

Lydia Said:

About San Francisco Art institute and Academy of the Art university?

We Answered:

I applied to the Academy of Art University. They are open admissions, they will accept you, but not everyone finishes and graduates because art college is tough. Any art college is tough. But I like that they are willing to give the chance to study art for anyone who desires to pursue those skills.

I have a couple of issues with them. First if you transfer in classes then you can only do so that one time, and you can't ever transfer classes again.

So lets say you do your first transfer of classes, great, you go your year there and you decided to go back home to visit your parents for the summer, well while on summer break, you decide to take some art classes at the community college in your hometown.

So you do well there, you get an A or B, but then if you try to transfer those once summer is over and you go back to AAU, nope too bad. Had to be done during your first transfer.

I really hate this policy. I just do. I would highly advise you to read their general catalog and read their policies before you really transfer. I also don't like how their "advisors" hound you with phone calls until you apply.

That's not professional. So yeah there are some good things about them and some bad ones. I guess its what you can deal with. Really research the school and ask a lot of questions.

San Francisco Art Institute seems much more decent, just make sure to avoid the art institute of california-san francisco (called the art institute chains). They are SUPER expensive, more than AAU and the professionalism is horrible. Trust me.

EDIT: San Francisco Art Institute and the Art Institute of California-San Francisco are NOT related. Not at all. San Francisco Art Institute is a respected college. The Art Institute chain of schools are less respected and to be avoided at all costs, avoid their divisions.

Kim Said:

Is anyone currently enrolled at Academy of Art University in San Francisco?

We Answered:


I go to the Academy, and I've had a really great experience so far. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable and there are plenty of opportunities to grow as an artist and designer.

The school has more than 13,000 students and a private bus system. There are at least 30 buildings sprinkled throughout the city. The schools of fashion, multimedia communications, computer arts and graphic design are right downtown off of Market St. The schools of advertising and fine art are in SOMA. There are also fine art and design buildings in Fisherman's Wharf. Just to name a few. There are 14 residence halls throughout the city as well.

Apart from being in one of the most exciting cities in the world, the people at the Academy are wonderful. Everyone is an artist, so we all have at least that in common, which is nice. But there is so much diversity. Many of the students are international. It’s really interesting to see their art and design influences. And there are students from everywhere in the US. Though it’s a large school, you really become close to those people in your major, you work so much together.

You definitely have to work hard. This is not a school where you can just coast. But if you do want to work hard, your teachers can help you reach the success you want.

Hope that answers your question! Good luck!

Maria Said:

Is the San Francisco Academy of art university a good university?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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