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Assertiveness Skills Training

Assertiveness is one skill we all would love to possess. It is truly sad that we are all not born with this skill, because assertiveness is something every one in the world could do with. Though assertiveness for some blessed people, is a skill obtained naturally, that does not need any dejection or depression regarding that matter. It could very well be learnt too.

Why is Assertiveness so important? What exactly do we mean by the term assertiveness? It just means to be bold, to be courageous and also confident to stand up for ourselves. Expertise without Confidence is definitely not of any use, because when you try to apply the expertise, you feel nervous and you tend to mess up every thing you were supposed to do. So that explains the importance of assertiveness and also the fact that, just by being assertive, we all could achieve more and make our lives and careers much better.

What are the ways in which these assertiveness skills could be acquired? There are specific training procedures aimed at equipping people with the assertiveness skill. The training may differ from trainer to trainer and may be customized according to the individual requirements, but the basic steps aimed at in the assertiveness skill training are listed out as below:

Avoid strangers from getting too close for comfort

* There are many people, who could be best described as manipulators.

* These people always try to get too close for comfort and have a favorite strategy of attacking the privacy of the people whom they wish to manipulate.

* If you feel uncomfortable with any person, make it known immediately.

* Do not allow others to manipulate you.

* It is crucial to develop an assertive skill in such a situation and learn to say no.

* Just make it clear either through words or by conduct, that you do not like and will not allow any more infringement of your personal space.

Dealing with critics

* There are many people who like to comment and criticize others, on all matters under the sun.

* The matter could either range from your personal appearance or even the way of working

* Just accept what the critics are saying, because what they are actually looking out for is a chance for arguments.

* The best way to avoid an argument is to accept the critic's opinion, and that ends the matter then and there.

* When you just render an argument and the resultant troubles ineffective, you are demonstrating the best part of your assertive skills.

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Education is an important tool that spread awareness in the society. It makes us aware about our rights and duties. It also informs us about the services that we can easily access.

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Thanks for sharing well managed blog regarding skills and the usability.i must say one does not inborn with skills rather develops this gradually