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Graduate Teaching Programme

Raul Said:

can you do a graduate teaching programme (GTP) in hospitality or tourism? If so where and how do I apply?

We Answered:

I teach Travel and Tourism at a secondary school. At GCSE it is Leisure and Tourism and at A level it splits to Travel and Tourism with Hospitality being a key factor.

The fact that the government wants to develop Vocational subjects in secondary schools means that it will become more and more popular in the curriculum.

To do a GTP in the subject you will need to find a school who teaches it. Contact them about the possibility of doing a GTP with them.

Mathew Said:

I need a formal assessment to give to a child. I'm in a SPED teaching graduate program and need a free copy of

We Answered:

There are different choices for assessments at the link below.

Chris Said:

Is there an Ivy League place that offers graduate programs in English Language Teaching(a PhD exactly)?

We Answered:

I'm quite sure Harvard offers one.

Good luck.

Terri Said:

Best Teaching Graduate Program in the World?

We Answered:

The University of Alberta has the top Education progaram in Canada. It's recognized internationally, and recruiters will be begging you to come to their schools when you're done. (I am a 3rd year Ed. Student there - amazing Profs, beautiful, and massive campus. Fun!) UofA is rated the 6th best school overall (in Canada) but also offers the best programs in many other specific areas.

Tracy Said:

Graduate Teaching Program (GTP) Interview! Help!?

We Answered:

Firstly, look at your CV and application - you should be able to spot the things you hope NOT to be asked about - good interviewers will spot them - and think how you will answer them.
Think about what you will contribute to a team of teachers. Think about handling pupil behavior. Think about the typical range of ability and motivation in classrooms you experienced and what that would mean if you were the teacher.
As an interviewer I rarely ask things that require a factual response (I 'd set a written test to check knowledge) and I usually want to know why people give a particular answer.
I look for motivated, clear & concise responses - after all, children are not going to be motivated by a teacher who is dull & boring and waffles.
Be clear on questions you want to ask - write them down and use your notes when asked "Do you have any questions for us?"

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