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Elementary Teaching Jobs

Theresa Said:

What website can I find Rhode Island elementary teaching jobs?

We Answered:

This website should do it.

Robin Said:

jobs for psychology degree and elementary teaching credential?

We Answered:

Yes, consider middle school jobs as well. You may be able to add that certification pretty easily. In the state I live in, once you have certification in one area, you simply have to take the certification test, pass it, then pay to add another area to your certification. No extra classes except for learning what you need to pass the test, which you probably already know. I don't know about the laws in California, but it's worth a phone call, right?

Another option - social work type of jobs. I also have a bachelor's in psychology, and that qualified me to work as a caseworker for Children's Protective Services. I could have also qualified to work in Child Care Licensing. You could also look into HUD, FEMA, WIC, and your state agency that does things like Food Stamps, TANF, and Medicaid.

Good luck.

Brent Said:

Are there many good elementary teaching jobs in Minneapolis?

We Answered:

The whole state is one of the more challenging ones to find a job in. The inner cities are the easiest places to find a job, but if you do get one there, it will probably be in a not-so-nice area. If you can, you might try to think about going job-hunting in the South - it's much easier to find a good one in most states there.

Violet Said:

Does anyone know about elementary teaching jobs in Maryland?

We Answered:

All areas should be hiring, though getting a job is a little tougher now. Counties aren't creating new positions. So new hires are taking the jobs of retirees or teachers who have decided to leave their position for another reason (transfer, career change, etc.). You need to apply to individual counties or Baltimore City. Each county will have areas that are better than others. Generally, Montgomery County is considered the nicest and pays the most. As a whole, central Maryland has nicer schools and pays more. Western and Southern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore are considered more rural. They don't pay as much. If you don't want to teach in a "not-so-good" area then I would stay away from Baltimore City and PG County. It varies from county to county but starting salaries are generally in the mid 40's. The most rural areas will be closer to the low 40's. And the better areas will be closer to the high 40's. If you go to a county's department of education website they will all have their salary scale on the Human Resources page. Most counties start their application process about now.

Good luck

Stacey Said:

Are there any elementary teaching jobs in Las Vegas, NV?

We Answered:

I don't know where Mike's jobs are, but most of Nevada has a hiring freeze right now. Those who got laid of are being hired back first if someone retires, etc. You might find something parochial or private. There are also tutoring places like Sylvan, but they don't pay much. Good luck.

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