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Degree In Teaching

Thelma Said:

What careers are available to me with a teaching degree?

We Answered:

Depending upon your skills as a reader, you might get a position as an editor, business, day care (business of your own), technical writing, computers. The fields are really open. I had degrees in Education with Middle and High school English but left the teaching field for several years to try other things. I have worked from receptionsit-to Human Resource Manager and in many states. Much of your desires are based upon just what you feel qualified to do and the energy you put into the work. I know the insurance business, technical writing, computers, teaching English As a Second Language and the Reposession and Remarketing business There is no limit to what you should be able to do.....just find you way - bring a great work ethic with you and a warm, helpful smile and genuine will to help others.

The doors are wide open. Good luck to you.

Maureen Said:

Where can I get a degree teaching english as a second/foreign language?

We Answered:

Where are you in Michigan?

EMU has a good program, but the program wasn't a good fit for me.

I completed my MA-TESOL at Madonna University (in Livonia). Very good program!! I would highly recommend it. They offer the MA program (with K-12 endorsement), or just the ESL endorsement (if that's what you're looking for).

If you plan on teaching in Michigan (K-12), you do need at least the ESL endorsement. You can't get this online.
If you plan on teaching in Michigan (higher ed), you'll need an MA. I just don't want you to waste your time/money with some crappy online course.

Jeremy Said:

What can you use a teaching degree for other than teaching?

We Answered:

There are many things you can use your degrees for.

You can design educational programming for students at national parks or historic sites, museums or other local attractions that offer school programs.

Many people with education degrees are also needed in education departments to help design curriculum.

There are positions available with private learning centers working one on one helping kids to read, write, do math, etc.

Or any other job that requires any bachelor's or Master's degree.

Annette Said:

Can a person with a degree in primary teaching get a masters qualification in social work?

We Answered:

Almost certainly you'll be able to get onto a course. Your previous experience would be valuable. Just get in touch with your local uni / college.

Janice Said:

Can someone with a degree in teaching from England teach in the United States?

We Answered:

he cant walk in and begin teaching, but most of his college work will transfer. He will then simply make up the state required differences to begin teaching.

The biggest issue is not his qualifications to teach. He needs to deal with his immigration status first.

Wade Said:

How much can a lecturer with a doctorate degree earn annually teaching at a polytechnic in Singapore?

We Answered:…………

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