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Career In Teaching

Courtney Said:

Which is a better career: teaching PE or high school principal?

We Answered:

You have an excellent qualification to do what you are good at - PE. The fact that it is no stress for you leads me to believe that you are on top of your PE job. Good for you! You also must have a lot of experience in this field. On the other hand, you probably don't have any formal education in administration, such as a Masters in Ed. Admin. You don't have any experience in administration except as it relates to PE. You also haven't climbed the administration career ladder. In your school system, surely you can't just waltz into a principal's job without doing other admin jobs first, like executive teacher or assistant principal.

So unless you either have a burning ambition to be a principal or desperately need the money, I'd say you should stick with PE. It is a worthwhile part of the teaching profession and one you should be proud of. With the extra time and lack of stress, think of all the other good and worthwhile things you can do in your life!

Christine Said:

Who taught the first teacher in in the teaching career?

We Answered:

This is like asking the chicken and egg question. Everyone's first teacher is their mother. In history, the first teachers were likely well read scholars who were self taught philosophers, much like the great Plato and Socrates. In religion, the first teacher is God. In science, everyone's first teacher is the earth itself as we grow and explore our environment. There are many answers to this question and many ways to ask it. I think it is less important to know who was the first teacher and more important to make something of those teachings in your own life.

Darryl Said:

How many teachers out there are unhappy with their teaching career?

We Answered:

Try this:

go to any veteran teacher that you admire. Ask him or her if she felt stressed and demoralized in their third year. I gaurantee the answer will come back as a yes. Your feeling is normal. You are just figuring out what works for you in your classroom. At my fifth year I asked a veteran when she finally felt like she "got it". She told me she'd let me know when it hits her.

It is true there are some kids who just don't care AT THAT MOMENT in their life. Teach a little longer and you'll see some who you thought you missed come back and thank you. They all have potential, they all have dreams and aspirations, they all want to be inspired. You have to separate the small negatives you view and look at the huge potential sitting in front of you.

two quick kids:

kid 1 - outrageous middle school behavior, fights, destroying property, disruption every day in my class. NOW - teaches with me, luckily I got to see the change, visits me often for advice and am proud to see his success.

kid 2 - average ability, quiet in class. only had her for a year. 5 years later, I get a note in my box thanking me for helping her succeed, she says, she's going to Brown Uni to study science (my subject) I honestly had difficulty remembering who she was, but I keep that note in my desk to inspire ME!

You have more influence than you can see. Always keep in mind that they will remember you for their entire lives. (I certainly remember my middle school teachers)

good luck!

Cheryl Said:

Anyone have any advice on how to start a career teaching overseas at international schools?

We Answered:

One of the biggest organizations that hires people overseas is DODDS - the Dept of Defense Schools. THere are thousands of teachers in Europe and the Pacific and the pay and benefits are sweet! It's a tough gig to get into though. Helps alot if you have special ed, ESL, or some other special certificate. THe dodds website has all of the info.

Franklin Said:

What is a better career? Teaching or Nursing?

We Answered:

I would say teaching is the better option and its also more payable for more information just try this link

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