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Biology Teaching Jobs

The high school biology teacher basically instructs the students from the secondary school about the fundamentals of biology. Usually the biology teachers need to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology with emphasis on education minor. The teachers from public school also need to attain a teaching license at state level. In addition to being a school biology teacher they can also work as curriculum specialists or field biologists.

Career Definition of a Job as a Biology Teacher:

The job of a biology teacher is to teach basic biology to high school students at either public or private school. They generally develop engaging curriculum which also includes laboratory experiments and various scientific investigation; present subjects and also evaluate their students performance. Biology teacher's job also includes enforcing and setting guidelines for student's behavior in classroom and accordingly arrange for a parent-teacher conference whenever required.

Requirements for gaining a Biology Teacher job:

* Educational Requirements:

Usually the biology teachers need to possess a 4 year degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology along with a minor or education emphasis. Courses with education emphasis in the biology program might include chemistry, math, physics and teaching methods. Biology teachers for the public school have to be licensed through the state where they would teach whereas; the private schools might not need licensure.

After successfully completing the required educational programs you also need to obtain a supervised internship for student-teaching in any of the approved schools. This will later help you to obtain valuable experience which further prepares an individual to gain a job as a biology teacher

* Skill Requirements:

A Biology teacher should be capable enough to have their students engaged in the subject and on task in the classroom. They will have to make use of different teaching methods in order to meet the requirements of individual students. If the biology teacher is bilingual it might just be added value to the school as well as to the complete job market.

The Economic and career outlook for biology teacher:

The biology teachers could expect an average rise in the job market in the years to come, as per the labor statistics bureau. There is a high demand for biology teacher job in the western and southern states as the population is rising there. According to data received from also known as O*Net, the Annual median salary of biology teacher is $49,420.

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