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Becoming A Teacher

Brenda Said:

How should I go about becoming a teacher in California?

We Answered:

A minor in Education won't help you on the way to a high school credential. In CA high school teachers must first complete a BA or BS in the subject they wish to teach. Then you apply to the School of Education to complete a "fifth year" program to earn your credential. Once you have a credential, you can have other subjects added onto it by passing exams. I passed the National Teacher's Exam in Math in 1980's. I think you'd take the CSET Single Subjects now.

It used to be that a district could hire you to teach in your credential area, then ask you to teach other subjects as well. Since NCLB, all teachers must be "highly qualified" in the subjects they teach, which means a degree, or passing a rigorous exam.

Talk to someone in School of Education where you think you might enroll.

Allison Said:

Do you have to become a teacher before becoming a school counselor?

We Answered:

I suppose that it depends upon the state. In my state three years of teaching experience is required. There are a few alternative certification programs that allow you to be certified without teaching experience.

Getting a job, however, may be a different matter. Counseling positions are often filled internally by people who have been teaching in the district and who have become certified as counselors. This reduces the chances of people without teaching experience being hired. Also there is currently an increased emphasis on having counselors make classroom presentations about college and career planning and human relations issues. People who have had teaching experience could be expected to be more capable in this area.

Your undergraduate degree should be in something you would want to teach and something which you could find a job teaching.

Brandy Said:

which colleges are best for becoming a 1st-2nd grade teacher?

We Answered:

If you live in California any of the California State Universities are great if you plan on becoming a teacher. The UC system is great, but a lot more expensive and a teacher's salary does not justify spending that much at a UC. UC schools are also more oriented towards research rather than teaching. You'll get more distinguished professors, but the teaching will be mostly done by graduate students.

Kathy Said:

What is the best way to prepare for becoming preschool teacher?

We Answered:

Observation is the best way to prepare. Volunteer to sit in and help at a few different schools. Books and studying are great for teaching, but, what they teach you is sometimes so far from relevant. Just go in, get practical experience.
If you do "volunteer," then you can put that on your resume as well.
Keep studying once you begin teaching, it makes you better, but nothing can ever prepare you for a classroom other than teaching in one.

Regina Said:

Need help on becoming teacher, any advice, please?

We Answered:

If you plan to teach in the USA and at the middle school or high school level, you will also need to pass a series of tests, depending on your personal state of residency or where you intend to work. These tests may include exams such as PRAXIS or CBEST. You will need to be licensed, or certified to teach (licensure). This also varies from state to state so you should research what your particular state requires. This link will help you with that...good luck.

Eugene Said:

Need help becoming a teacher! please help!!!?

We Answered:

You need to start with getting any job you can for now and enroll in college if you have finished high school.
College is very expensive and you must have made good grades in school to even go.

Cathy Said:

I have done engineering in Computer Science...Do becoming teacher in any engineering coleg is a good career...?

We Answered:

teaching is a noble profession.

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