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Become A Teaching Assistant

Mike Said:

What does she need to become a teaching assistant?

We Answered:

She needs to be 18.

What age group does she want to work with?

If she goes to college, her careers advisor should be able to give her some pointers for suitable courses but generally 5 A* - C at GCSE (although many are asking for A levels now also).

She should go to college, she will generally have free periods which she could use to volunteer in a school - this would really help her in an interview after college. Experience is good!

Lee Said:

What online course is best to become a teaching assistant?

We Answered:

Most junior colleges offer online classes. I would look into that option.

Best of Luck!

Tim Said:

Can I become a teaching assistant?

We Answered:

In New Jersey all you need is 60 college credits.. not even having to necessarily do with teaching

Perry Said:

What are the Requirements to become a Teaching assistant at a Primary School In the U.K?

We Answered:

GCSE English and Maths are an advantage and some courses insist on these, but it varies, some training providers offer basic skills in English and Maths alongside your TA course. You should be working in a school as a volunteer or paid employment to take the course. You will need an enhanced CRB certificate too. (Criminal Records Bureau)
I would approach your local primary headteacher, tell them you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant and ask if there is room for you to do some voluntary work. Then get a CRB (Schools often have the forms) before you start. You could always start as a lunchtime assistant to get your face known around school.
Also look on the Internet for TA job profiles, which will give you an idea of the work involved. Be determined if this is your chosen career path! Don't give up - Go for it! Good Luck!

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