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Australia Teaching Jobs

Thomas Said:

How can I get a teaching job in Australia?

We Answered:

Contact Australia House, they will have all the info you require.
Apparently teachers are in short supply there at the moment.
Good luck

Roberta Said:

are there any jobs to teach ESL at private academies in Australia?

We Answered:

If you are planning to come over on a WHV but not if you are looking at coming over on a migration work visa. The jobs that are in the private colleges are rather hard to get and since you will only be able to stay there for 6 months, you would not be an attractive potential employee. Secondly the jobs are very part time - 1-2 days a week, not enough to survive on.

Ella Said:

Can anyone help me get a teaching job in Australia or New Zealand?

We Answered:

Try looking up TAFE colleges, education departments in each state or territory, and also private schools. I think that there is a shortage of teachers here, but I am not so sure that they are well paid.

Approach some of the Australian teachers. They will know first hand what is best for you to do. Welcome !

Minnie Said:

how to migrate to Australia for a teaching job?

We Answered:


Welcome - we need committed teachers. I would suggest having a look at a few websites. Firstly the immigration department

They can tell you the legalities of immigration. From what I have seen in life if you have a clean criminal history, no affiliations with extreme groups (ie Jamah Islamia etc) and are of sound mind and body, the process is fairly easy.

Then once you know the legalities you will need to talk to the Department of Education in the state which you wish to live in.

For instance if you are planning on living in NSW, then you will need to discuss your situation with NSW Department of Education & Training:…

Scott Said:

I want to get a job in Australia. I want a good job in Administrative field or Teaching Field.?

We Answered:

Hi yeah finding the right job with links below should ease your mind,happy hunting

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