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Art Teaching Jobs

Brandy Said:

how hard is it to find an art teaching job in the UK?

We Answered:

I'm assuming that it is secondary education that you are looking for.

Some useful sites I found was the teaching vacancies advertised on Birmingham LEAs site which you can access here…

Also the TES has a job search (see

I would think that it would more or less impossible to find an art job for September now, as it's cutting it a little close!

The next closing date for resignations will be in the October half-term, so soon after that date, more jobs will be advertised.

Might be an idea to talk to a few teaching agencies to get you started (like them!)

Good luck and I hope that you find what you are looking for!

Virgil Said:

How can I find a job teaching Art abroad?

We Answered:

Your question is actually more political in nature than most people realize. To get politics to work in your favor, contact your local Congressman and inquire about such opportunities. Usually you can get referred to a great contact person. Use your networking skills from there. You can achieve this dream, so don't let politics slow you down. Use the political system to your advantage.

Kathleen Said:

How to find teaching jobs abroad?

We Answered:

just type in a search on a search engine for something like "teaching in thailand" or wherever you would like to teach.

let me warn you though, teaching abroad, even in the oil rich countries of the middle east don't usually pay nearly as much as the states.

you will also need to be qualified in teaching internationally

Hector Said:

Any tips on how to find a job teaching art in New York City?

We Answered:

Check out for jobs in the non-profit sector. Click on the word "search" and you might find something.

Anita Said:

art teaching jobs available Fishers Indiana & Pittsburgh pa areas?

We Answered:

If you want to check the public school vacancies, you can post your resume on, and check job openings there.

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