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Alternative Teaching Certification

Heidi Said:

What is the fastest and easiest way to get the alternative teaching certification in the North Houston area?

We Answered:

You need to either go to one of the local teaching colleges, and ask about any "fast track" course plan for alternative certification (which gets you in a classroom while you finish up the rest of your coursework for the full licensure), or work this from the other side by asking the schools to provide you with information and training plans.

Look these sites over carefully:……

Good luck!

Peter Said:

Does anyone know of any good alternative teaching certification programs?

We Answered:

Micheal Said:

Difficult to get a job teaching after being in an alternative certification program?

We Answered:

It should not be that difficult at all. Do a bit of research and you will find ways to fit into a program, especially in Science.

Lynn Said:

My husband holds his Texan alternative teaching certification. Is it possible to teach in out of state?

We Answered:

Depends on the other state. Texas has it's rules, but the other state is the one that will decide whether or not they will accept his Texas certification or make him get one there.

Dave Said:

How can I obtain an alternative teaching certification to teach in San Francisco???

We Answered:

The district has no alternative program (commonly large districts sponsor their own and call them district interns. It seems Sf does not do this. See this page:…

That means you will need to become a university intern. So take your cbest, and plan to take your cset tests. You need to find a school that will spponsor you. California allows for alternative programs, but you will be doing all the work of a traditional program while you teach. Since the district is not sponsoring you - its up to you to find a program that might place you in a school.

The cal state system has quite a few programs as such. See one such example:…

Thats the key - you need to find a partnership program where the college places you because they have an agreement with a district.

I dont know if this might be a lead - but I found this:…

Good luck to you!~

Jill Said:

Im getting my OSAT alternative teaching certification?

We Answered:

I believe this first link will help you with your OSAT concerns, if you live in Oklahoma. The third link discusses the test for certification.

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