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Alternative Teaching Certification Texas

Linda Said:

Best alternative certification program in Texas?

We Answered:

I'd check with the Region Education Service Center, that's who I went through down in Houston. Dallas is Region 10 (website below). That would be my first recommendation. You can also search the other website below for a list of state-approved certification programs.

Do you research before you pick a program! I've heard horror stories of programs that principals won't touch with a 10-foot pole because it doesn't prepare the candidates for the classroom. And bless you if you're thinking of special ed, we need good SP ED teachers!

Patsy Said:

Texas Alternative Teaching Program?

We Answered:

Lots of information below.

Earl Said:

Texas Alternative Teacher Certification (What Should I do?)?

We Answered:

I am one of those graduates with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and got accepted into Texas Teachers Alt.Cert. Program. I have been subbing for two years, and trying to get in the door (EC-4) for the past year. Where has this gotten me? No where yet, I have been subbing at the same 2 schools and have taken a few long-term positions but anytime there's a position...I am not at the top of the list because of qualifications! There is no Teacher Shortage here in Texas! So, with that said...when they do look...they have so many applicants applying they are able to be very picky and of course they want the most qualified applicant period. I would continue the program in IL. if I were you, because I started having regrets over a year ago. Good Luck to you!

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