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Alternate Route Teaching Nj

Casey Said:

Are u required to take an alt route NJ New Pathways to Teaching class? I passed the Praxis/ have my CE?

We Answered:

I assume you want to teach in NJ. No other state requires NJ's specific requirements. These links tell you what is required in NJ:

Jessie Said:

What's the quickest way to get NJ teacher's certification?

We Answered:

He may need an alternative route. However, a few years xp always helps.

And the short answer is yes it will deter him

However, he needs to get into the program and get his teaching cert going ASAP.

Jason Said:

Advice on menotring an alternate route teacher...?

We Answered:

Try to meet with them before they start teaching to go over lesson plans and strategies for starting out the year and setting the tone of the classroom. Make sure you are available to answer her questions, especially during the first few weeks. Once she feels more comfortable with her students, go for your first observation. I don't suggest videotaping unless she is really ok with it. Some people get so nervous in front of a camera that they completely freeze up. She will already be nervous enough being observed. Also videotaping the class might require paperwork sent home to notify parents that their child might be taped (privacy issues). Make sure you focus on the positives when you give your first evaluation and only give her one or two things to work on. If she asks for more advice, then give more, but try not to overwhelm her at first.

For the most part, give tips as the situation comes up. Don't worry too much about her not having had lots of education courses at college. They are usually about as useful as the average day of inservice training (you get one useful idea for every 6-8 hours of training). She will benefit more from your recent experience than from a class with a professor who hasn't seen the inside of a classroom since the 1970's.

Expect that she will not be perfect and focus on progress, not what still needs work. Meet with her as soon as possible and find out what her personality is and how much help she needs.

Dale Said:

For NJ State teacher certification by alternate route, do you have to have a mentor.?

We Answered:

If you are going alternate route, you need a mentor - this is MANDATORY. This person will fill out the forms that go to the state (dept. of education division of licensing for alt. route). The forms include 2 evaluations within a certain number of weeks, and a final evaluation at the end of your first year teaching. Your school district will pay a percentage of $$ for the mentor, and you will also be responsible for an amount, usually between 450-500 dollars. You should also be taking special classes that will enable you to go the alt. route - either at a college/university, or provided by the public school that hires you to go the alt. route. I am assuming you have a CE or an advanced standing??

The mentor is also responsible for showing you the ropes, so to speak and helping you with any questions you may have, from lesson planning to student discipline.

Feel free to email me for a more in depth answer!

James Said:

GPA for alternate route Teaching, NJ?

We Answered:

Sorry I have no clue but I needed to contact you. You saved my life by answering those Linear Programming Questions. I love you "Tom X." Haha(:

Answer this one too and I will forever owe you my life:;_ylt=AhtVW0.e2qq4_xGTeRsQrrvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090908203148AAFdlRh

Thank you soooooo much!

Dean Said:

How can I get special education teaching certification in NJ?

We Answered:

Because you have a BA you should be able to take a masters course towards certification. This will include student teaching. Contact your local university and they can tell you exactly which classes are required and how long it will take. Some schools will do it in 1 year if there is a great need in the community. Otherwise it can take as long as 2. If you live near more than 1 college then I suggest you look into all of them to see which offers the best program for you.

Tom Said:

Does anyone here have an experience with NJ's Alternate Route to Teaching?

We Answered:

there is a glut of degreed teachers in N J. Going the alt route will only make it harder. The only teaching job you will be able to get going the alt route is in an urban school dist. like Newark or Camden, where they are usually hard up for teachers.

this assumes you are not politically connected.

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