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A Career In Teaching

Emma Said:

Is it true that only postgrad students eligible for Pell Grant's are those pursuing a teaching career?

We Answered:

i'm a teacher and they did not allow pell for graduate work. its all fellowships, assistantships, associateships and loans after you get that bachelor's.

Anita Said:

college major/ career? teaching?

We Answered:

first, check into teacher licensing for your state. Then find an NCATE accredited School of Ed in a university.

You might be able to (if you do NOT take more than 18 credits in education) apply for (about 20% acceptance rate) to the NYC Teaching Fellows program. You get a job, a free masters degree, but you have ot teach in NYC Public Schools for 3 years. You sit for the NYS license.

There is also a similar program in Chicago, and perhaps in other major cities.

The country needs dedicated young teachers, so go for it!

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a said:

d said:

The kind of education that have been prevailing in the countries normally varies because of the regional and cultural factors. Every religion have some boundaries defined which cannot be crossed by the follower especially in the collectivist society where families have been involved.

why do you want to be a teacher said:

Teaching is one of the best profession, because teaching gain us knowledge day by day and this is really very honorable profession.