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Effective Study Skills

Joy Said:

Importance of effective study skills?

We Answered:

well if you study for your history exam but you can't remember anything what good have you done. Find out how you learn (touch, visual, listening) that will lead you to how you should study

Christy Said:

Can someone tell me how to have some effective study skills?

We Answered:

Hi there, having some effective study skills is really very important. We always want our children to get high grades in school and if not, at least a passing grade would do. You know there are a lot of styles for studying. I was also searching for the same solution when I came across this website: , I tried it myself and bought their comprehensive package (which is 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied). But I can assure you, it is worth more than the little money that I spent. My children got good grades in their exams through following their guides and inputs. The methods are just very easy. I suggest you should take a look at that one for this might be the best solution to your worries.

April Said:

“Joe Student” Scenario–Explaining Effective Study Skills?

We Answered:

Manage your time and make a schedule. Factor in time for studying. Hope that helps!

Randy Said:

Does anyone know of ways to come up with effective study skills?

We Answered:

balance in studies, rest, work, play and food. brain food is important. avoid junk food / coffee. broaden general knowledge - about the world - all easily obtained by documentaries on tv. understand concepts and ideas. the rest will come easy. montisori method is also very good at maths.
whats her age?

Dwight Said:

why are effective study skills important?

We Answered:

So that you can retain the information longer.

Armando Said:

what are effective study skills in a distance learning class?

We Answered:

effective of distance learning that you will save your time and do your job and spendinmg of few hours on net you will find relating meterial to make your assignments and prepair your papers with your job or with some other reguler degree.....

Russell Said:

"Joe Student" Scenario–Explaining Effective Study Skills?

We Answered:

College courses are designed so that the student, not the instructor, is most responsible for learning. An instructor will discuss a topic for 1 hour in lecture. That 1 hour will require 3-4 hours of independent reading, studying, researching, practice, and writing. If you don't do it, you can expect to score a 40% in the class. This is equally true online.
12 hours of class work (on-line) + 36 hours independent = 48 hours minimum of coursework per week.

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