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Effective Study Methods

Misty Said:

What are some effective study methods for retaining information?

We Answered:

Studying can be a brain drain and tiresome. I'd recommend studying for as long as you can focus on the topic. If you find your mind wandering, your eyes closing, or your fingers tapping a lot your mind and body are telling you they can't absorb much more. Take a break, have a snack, do some jumping jacks, heck I used to clean the toilet just to take my mind off of stuff. When you're refocused go back to it. I don't think there's a hard rule for how long you should study, just listen to what your brain and body are telling you.

Try different ways to understand the material and make it interesting. You can do the traditional route of making flash cards and having people quiz you. Are there practice exams or text book questions you can use?

I'd also encourage you to find new ways to present the material. Make graphs, write down ideas, even create a poem or rhyme to help you remember specific concepts. Since this sounds like a deeper form of knowledge, you may want to teach someone the ideas. When you can fully articulate and share the information with another person you'll know that you've mastered the subjects. If you can explain it to someone who has never thought about it, you've got it down.

Good luck!

Grace Said:

What are some effective study methods for exams with tons of information?

We Answered:

Start early.

You should always read everything at least once before class and once after class. You will retain more information througout the entire semester that way. Then, about 2.5 weeks before the exam, start skimming over the chapters again. Focus on what was covered more in class, also.

If you book has review questions at the end of each chapter, do each review question. I also have a tendency to outline every chapter. It's always better if you are able to apply what you learned instead of only spitting out some memorized stuff (likyou said, you don't want to memorize). So, it might even help if you browse the internet for more information/exercises related to the topic you are covering.

Betty Said:

Effective study methods?

We Answered:

Here are suggestions.

1. Have all of your materials ready and in the place that you are going to study.

3. Study when its quiet. No music, no TV, No headphones, no nothing.

4. Do your most difficult subject fist or else you may never get to it.

5. Keep a calendar so that you know when a project is due or a test is going to be given.

6. Vocabulary is very important. Words have different meanings. You need to know the meaning for the subject that you are taking.

7. Study the relationship of things. How is the topic that you studied related to the unit that you are studying?

8. Your textbook has hints for you. Many books have important words or phrases in darkened or colored type, make sure that you know them thoroughly.

The sites below are excellent and will give you many other ideas about studying.…………………

Sonia Said:

What are effective study methods?

We Answered:

PQ5R - Preview, Question, Read, Record - Answer questions in own words, Recite - Answer questions in own words verbally - talk to yourself, Review, Reflect

The objective is to use as many sensor receptors in the brain to remember an item, such as, touch - writing, visual, sound - speaking and hearing - your own voice and your own words are best.

Samuel Said:

Effective Study Methods?

We Answered:

For me its always been flashcards flashcards and more flashcards!! lol

It presents the information you need more simply. And allows my brain a simple easy way to remember the information.

That is what works for me though. It depends on your learning style I guess.

Oh..I also found that studying in different places and coming up with different triggers that help me remember speeds up my recall.

Frances Said:

Can anybody provide effective study methods?

We Answered:

Different methods work for different people, but here are some suggestions:

1. Do the reading!
2. Take detailed notes, and review them before the each class
3. Don't wait until the last minute to study (I'm guilty of this, and believe me, it is far more hassle than it's worth!)
4. Find some study buddies in each class and hold review sessions before each exam, or more often if needed
5. Go to your professor's office hours to clear up any questions, or simply to talk about your standing in the course.

Natalie Said:

Does anyone have any effective study methods?

We Answered:

I used to have almost nonexistant short term memory (My medicine wasn't working, & my doctors weren't running the right tests, so they didn't realize). What I had to do at that time, was to take the information one paragrapg at a time, and read each paragraph while concentrating with all my energy, & reading the words out loud, concentrating on each one full force. I had to repeat this entire scenario a minimum of 13 times per paragraph. Only then could I answer the paragraph's review question/s in my own words.

The following on-line brochure has instructions for a regular study of it, similar to the book I was studying. But, the references to Scriptures in its text are *links* to the actual verses, so it's *easy* to access them! :

What Does God Require of Us?

Discuss It!

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