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Clep Test Study Guides

Joyce Said:

What do I need to know/study for the Spanish CLEP test? I need at least 3 hours.?

We Answered:

Check out There is a ton of helpful info on there for free, but if you want access to specific exam feedback you have to be a member. You can get 25% off w/ coupon code "88654" though. might be worth looking at too.

Angela Said:

Taking humanities CLEP test,...any good study guides online for free?? need to know how hard it will be..?

We Answered:

I've not taken the Humanities CLEP, but I've studied for all my other CLEPS using Instacert, which has online flashcards for some of the CLEP tests. The forum is great, because people post their feedback and suggestions for specific tests. It is not free though. Instacert charges $20 per month, but satisfaction is guaranteed, and you have access to study material for many different subjects. If you're interested, code "36438" will give you $5 off your first month's membership. Good luck on your test!

Anthony Said:

CLEP Testing Study Guides? 10 POINTS~?

We Answered:

The main difference you'll notice will be in the English section. On July 1, 2010, CLEP retired both their Freshman Composition CLEP and English Composition CLEP, and replaced them with the College Composition CLEP. So a 2009 guide would have information for the old english tests, while the 2011 guide will have an updated english section with the new tests.

I think that this difference will be the only noticeable difference between the two, except for a different color.

One other thing...just realize that although the Official CLEP Guide is a fabulous tool (and it is), the purpose for it is to allow you to determine if you are ready for the test by providing a comparably difficult test. If you are not ready, this guide provides no study material. If you are looking for a prep/study tool, check out SpeedyPrep. They have great interactive study guides that will help you learn the info, rather than just assess it. Check them out:…

Audrey Said:

CLEP test study guides?

We Answered:

They contain sample questions (questions that have appeared on previous tests) and give a general idea of the kind of questions that are asked. However, they will not contain a copy of the test.

Are you sure that taking the CLEP is a good idea? Most colleges and universities do not give credit for them. (I took a BUNCH and got exactly zero transferrable credits.) I'd call the admissions office of whatever college/university you are planning to attend and make sure they accept them.

Lester Said:

what should I buy to study for the CLEP test US History II?

We Answered:

I definitely recommend the SpeedyPrep study guide. I've taken a lot of CLEPs, including US History II, and have used a lot of different CLEP study methods. SpeedyPrep is my favorite out of all of these. I used SpeedyPrep to earn 6 CLEP credits with only a week of study. It'll only cost you $10 if you use it for less than a month, which should be plenty!

Here's the website:…

Best wishes on your test!

Jessica Said:

DANTES & CLEP Test?? Free practice exams or Study guides??

We Answered:

go to u will find similiar challenging questions there

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