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Clep Study Guides

Maureen Said:

Can I use a Praxis Study Guide to Study for my Clep?

We Answered:


Praxis Study Guide is a good resource material to study for CLEP as it covers many of the topics in CLEP. However, it does not cover all the topics that appear on CLEP so it will be useful to have a CLEP study guide book if you are appearing for a CLEP exam.

If you require more assistance on CLEP or want to consult on any subject matter, feel free to contact me. I would be able to assist. Also, here are more resources that may be useful for your CLEP preparation.

All the best!

Lawrence Said:

Does the College Clep Study guides for a specific subject help?? or what would you recommend instead?

We Answered:

Interestingly, most people use REA books for CLEP preparation over the official guides. For online study, I would recommend Several friends have successfully taken and passed multiple tests using their platform.

Best of luck!

Phillip Said:

What are the best study guides for passing the CLEP tests?

We Answered:

The "Cracking the CLEP" book is definitely more about what to expect so far as test format and how to make educated guesses on the test. It does contain a lot of useful information, so it would be a good resource for you. I don't own the other book that you mentioned, so I can't comment on the content or usefulness of it.

My favorite CLEP study materials are the REA books and InstantCert, and I highly recommend them both. These are the two resources I've used most, and I've been very happy with my test results. You can find the REA books on Amazon or at most large bookstores. They cost around $25 and come with a CD of practice tests. Make sure to read the reviews for the specific test you're taking, as some of the REA books are better than others.

InstantCert is an online study resource. They charge a $20 a month fee, but you have access the study questions for many different subjects. They also have an excellent forum where people give feedback and advice on specific CLEP tests. If you're interested in checking it out, you can get $5 off your first month's fee with coupon code "36438".

Good luck on your CLEP tests!

Bertha Said:

Are the questions from the CLEP study guides really the exact answers from the real tests?

We Answered:

i highly doubt it

Alan Said:

Where to find good study guides for clep test?

We Answered:

You may want to give the REA book and/or InstantCert a try. Both are very good study resources. I've used both of them for all of my CLEP tests so far and been really happy. You can get the REA books online at or in most major bookstores. They run about $25 but come with a CD of practice tests.

InstantCert is $20 a month, but will give you access to materials for a bunch of different CLEP tests. If you aren't happy, they have a money-back guarantee. They also have a forum where people provide feedback on each of the specific CLEP tests, which is very helpful when you're preparing to test. If you decide to give InstantCert a shot, you can get $5 off your first month's fee with coupon code "36438".

Good luck!

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