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Clep Exam Study Guides

Mabel Said:

Where can I find good study guides for the western civ I CLEP exam?

We Answered:

I took the western Civilization CLEP 2 years ago and thought it was pretty basic.

If you are looking for a study guide i recommend SpeedyPrep. They have a 99.2% pass rate for students who complete their course. And they have a money back guarantee if you don't pass after completing your course.

If you want to try out some free practice question they have some!…

Catherine Said:

Study guides for the CLEP test?

We Answered:

Basically, you just need survey textbooks on the subject matter. Also, there are some websites where you can sign up to study for the tests online. has a good reputation, and gets accolades from both the DANTES exam program and Excelsior College's exam program, but it also offers CLEP study preparation. You can probably expect a good quality program, but it is a little expensive. On the other hand, is another option; it doesn't have the same reputation, but it's more budget-friendly.

Viola Said:

Biology, American Gov't, and US History II CLEP Exam how to study?

We Answered:

I have actually taken all three of these exams, so here goes:

Biology: This is definitely one of the harder CLEPs. I ended up studying for this one more than probably any other. The biggest thing about the difficulty is that it is a broad test, with a lot of definitions that you need to know.

American Government: I found this to be a fun test for me, because this is a interest of mine. I didn't think it was that tough, but it was probably just because of my interest, as most people I know say this is also one of the toughest CLEPs.

US History II: Also an exam I thought was pretty fun. This one caught me a bit off guard because I expected it to be pretty much entirely fact based. Instead, there was some political/philosophical beliefs included, not just dates and names.

For all three, I think it was well worth my while to take them. I was able to save a few thousand dollars, as well as significant time.

If you want to make sure of the difficulty level, you should definitely get ahold of a copy of the CLEP Official Study Guide, as it has practice exams for every CLEP that give a very accurate level of difficulty for the actual exam. This book is available online, or at a library. Just make sure you have an edition that is from the last 1-2 years, and not older.

For actual study material, try the REA at least for the US History and Biolofy (American Gov REA isn't as good). Also, you can try my favorite method of CLEP study, which is online flashcards. There are a few sources out there, the best I've used is SpeedyPrep. They have American Gov and US History, and will have Biology in a few months.

Best wishes on your CLEPs! You should be able to get those 12 credits for under $500...pretty sweet if you ask me.

Dora Said:

CLEP exam study guide question?

We Answered:

That will depend on what your college will allow. Not all colleges grant credit for all CLEP tests, so you will definitely need to clarify that would your advisor. They will also be able to tell you what class each CLEP exam is equivalent to. I would not purchase any study guides until you find out which CLEP exams your college grants credit for and which ones will meet your specific degree requirements.

Cory Said:

What are the best study guides for CLEP?? I have read reviews online, I want to know your personal experiences?

We Answered:

I took the CLEP for English last month. It was kinda tough. I used to study for mine. The way they do it is they give you sample questions to answer, tell you if you got it right or wrong, and if you got it wrong they explain why. You just keep doing the questions over and over till you are staisfied with what you know. It was decent. It's $20 per month, but if you enter either 27678 or 31441 in the discount code area during checkout, it will take $5 off your first month.

Another website I have heard is good is but I have no experience with it firsthand. It's $18.95 per month.

Petersons has a FREE CLEP review online for many exams... but the site didn't really work well on my computer.…

I have heard that the best review for CLEP are the actual review books that you order online and are mailed to you. You can get them here:…

If you plan on taking many CLEP tests, then buy the CLEP official study guide 2009, and if you only plan on taking 1 or 2, then buy the study guide specifically for the subject you are taking.

Good luck!

Ted Said:

Where can I find FREE study guides for clep exams?

We Answered:

Free CLEP study guides are available from:
I've never used one of these, but they look decent. I've always gone for the pretty cheap, but better, study guides offered from companies such as

Yes, they give you the periodic table of elements on the Chemistry CLEP.

"During this examination, an online scientific calculator function and a periodic table are available as part of the testing software." (… )

Good lick on the CLEPs!

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