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Eddie Said:

What type of computer should I get?

We Answered:

An Alienware will fit your needs.

You can custom build one here:

I hope you have some time cause their shipping times are horrible.

Justin Said:

Is there anything I can do? Should I just mind my own business?

We Answered:

Hi, Sorry to hear this, you've been put in a difficult situation btu from the sounds of it you've done all you can and its affecting you a lot - which is bad for your social development and studies!

My advice is to get him away from it and tell him how you really feel about it, how its affecting your view and the outside affect its having on other people. Let him know that there's no future in it and playing is all good, but where is he headed.

I think the decision to change rroommates and friends is a good one, do this - when he realises he's lost you as a friend perhaps it will bring him back to life.
When you do switch room mates that doesn't mean you don't have to talk to him, try to include him when you can, but live your OWN life first and foremost. Its lovely that your such a caring person, but you are losing a lot and gaining nothing by trying to help him. Let him make his own mistakes.

In the mean time, try and get out more yourself, meet new people and maybe you'll feel less stuck as one fo the few people on a scholarship ina foreign country. It'll also pull you away from him and into your own future and perhaps even bring him out from the game.

I hope this helps you friend,
best wishes. CA

Zachary Said:

Having some issues in school...?

We Answered:

you know very well the answer to your question so you're giving some warnings. You're a smart kid. You must have figured out what's best.

Javier Said:

help on xbox 360/ps3 games and accessories wholesalers/suppliers needed :)?

We Answered:

Hi ,pete ,nice job.Here are some reliable games wholesale websites for you…
Hope you will make a successful business,good luck!

Paul Said:

HELP: personal statement for university: any good?? :)?

We Answered:

pretty impressive!

Ivan Said:

Is there any hope for me?

We Answered:

Just answering your initial question...."Is there any hope for me"...there is as long as you don't quit or give up hope.

You're the only one that can change your life into what you want it to be..or as close to that as you can make it. It's your life, your choice and your responsibility, no one else can do it for you. (or do you believe you're simply a leaf at the mercy of the wind?)

Why not just be yourself instead of trying to be what you think other people want, or expect, you to be?

Laura Said:

How to Get into Gaming Journalism?

We Answered:

you can try create a website then give reviews of games etc. then when you grow enough rep then you can take it the next level of talking to developers etc.

but i think you need some university stuff

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