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Bible Study Material

Carla Said:

Question for Jehovah's Witnesses about bible study material?

We Answered:

If I use your line of reasoning, I could ask "If the holy spirit guides Christians, then why doesn't the holy spirit guide every other member and eliminate the need for even a Bible?" Which is a study aid in itself?

If you look at a history of Charles Russell, you will find that during the "Religious Enlightenment Period" of British/American history, there were NUMEROUS authors/writers of religious pamphlets, newspaper articles, books, even public oration which was going on during that period. And it was in fact, material printed by George Storrs, H.B. Rice, and N.H. Barbour, among others that helped the Bible study group that Charles Russell was in. He was among many from MANY churches who met together to discuss and study the Scriptures.

That study group has continued to grow with others being added till we have over 103,000 groups - congregations - world-wide in 236 lands.

We study the Bible, using many aids - research materials, maps, and references from many public publications as time allows.

There is not a WT or AW magazine that is printed that does not quote from outside sources.

In fact, I have listed a few sources of information in our latest magazines and the pages they are on -

10/1/2009 WT
New Catholic Encyclopedia - pg 3
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words - pg 5
Comments by historian Alister McGrath - pg 11
Comments by author Keith Ward - pg 12
From Scroll to Codex-How the Bible became a Book - pg 18
Comments by Prof. J. Neville Birdsall of Birmingham England -pg 18
Quote from textual Bible scholar Sir Frederick Kenyon - pg 18
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible - pg 19
Novum Testamentum - pg 19
Quote by Princeton Theological Seminary Prof. Bruce Metzger - pg 20
Quote from writings of church theologian Augustine dated 417CE-pg 29

October Aw
Emotional Infidelity by M. Gary Neuman - pg 18
Teens in Turmoil - A Path to Change for Parents, Adolescents, and Their Families - pg 21
Newspaper Toronto Star article - pg 30
Quote from Centers for Disease Control USA - pg 30
Newspaper Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) article - pg 30
Polish magazine Newsweek Polska - pg 30

BOTH of these magazines are offered to the public, so they may see where the information was obtained. Those were not all the quotes - just part.

We could eliminate all research materials and aids - but we see the benefit of being informed and knowledgeable about the Bible and the world around us. Both can have a great influence on us. Along with the guidance and influence of the holy spirit.

Andre Said:

this is actually two questions:bible study material/wat do you think of this bible?

We Answered:…

These are excellent Bible studies for all ages.

GOD bless

Christy Said:

Any good young adult bible study discussional material such as a controversial topic, movie, book, bible/verse?

We Answered:

How about the war on Heresy and the slaughter of men, women and children who although christians, were considered heretics for believing in a different type of christianity (eg The Cathars in France in the 1200's.)

Ricardo Said:

can somebody tell me some good bible study material online?

We Answered:
"What Does God Require of Us"
If you contact one of Jehovah's Witnesses, they'll be more than happy to go over it with you. We even offer Bible's and other publications as well as Bible studies free of charge (though donations are gladly accepted).

You're to be commended for taking such a serious initiative to learn more about the Bible!

Joyce Said:

Is Monty Python good bible study material?

We Answered:

you bet, actually Monty Python and the life of Brian is the most historically accurate depicition of jesus' time

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