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Bible Study Lessons For Adults

Eddie Said:

Help plz? Thanksgiving bible lessons for teens?

We Answered:

Psalms 100 is a thanksgiving song, and so this would be nice if you could sing it as a group. Then, the group could talk about what they are grateful for, nice things God has done for them this year.
Praise God!

Milton Said:

Do you think this is a sane reaction to your teenager missing church?

We Answered:

Nuttier than a fruitcake.

This is an over-the-top control freak.

"Personally, I think you got off lucky. If you had been my child AND you defied me like that {by doing homework and studying for an exam} I would have taken the laptop away and sold it. Which I can do as you have no property rights at all. Then I would have removed everything from your room, including the door and the light-bulb, and you would have been left with a mattress on the floor, two sheets, a pillow and case, a spare change of clothes that I would choose, pajamas, a towel, a face cloth, a Bible, a copy of the catechism, and your schoolbooks."

I can't imagine what she would do with a child who used drugs or got in trouble with the law.

Ramon Said:

For Christians : Do you Believe the bible is Sacred , Holy Scriptures ?

We Answered:

I am a Jesusonian Christian Theologian and evangelist for over 34 years to date. Recent surveys of Christians in the USA show that the number of Christians who believe that the Bible is the full and perfect "Word of God" continues to decline. Today, only about one in three (33%) of all USA Christians believe that. About 67% of them say the Bible is partly to much-inspired, but contains many to some errors.

I am very eclectic (selective, picky) in what Bible Truths I share. I use about 1% to 2% of the (very old) "Old Testament" books; and about 15% to 25% of the (less old) "New Testament" books. John is the most reliable with the best and deep Eternal-now Truths. Matthew has the most serious Theological and spiritual errors mixed in with some great truths also.

No Book or Bible is "Sacred" and none are "Holy". God is Holy; Jesus is Holy; The Infinite Spirit is Holy; all mankind is Holy in Spirit potential, being made in the Perfect Father-Son Image of God ! If your mind, and/or you as a living soul, is inspired in reading or listening to Bible verses, thank our Living and Loving Father God always personally around you and within you as Spirit; the 1200 or so Bible pages made of paper and ink are each and all just a physical thing with no mind, no soul, no Spirit, no Personality. Huge difference !

We teach that the Holy and Living Word of God is Jesus Christ fully here as He the Spirit of Truth, and not a printed book called the Bible. See and believe John 1:1-18 John 16:7-16, John 20:30-31 and John 21:25 all of those are important to grasp in Spirit and Truth and not just in mind.

"Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so !" is spiritual puerility (childishness). Jesus loves me and all humans equally ! and thus I am Spirit of Truth-Endowed to know and love Him as my True God and my very Elder Brother here in Spirit !!" is ever-augmenting spiritual maturity and eternal wisdom with lasting peace and joy ...

Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth !

Lonnie Said:

Home bible study with workbooks for adults?

We Answered:

I don't know a comprehensive one, but I like Lucado's "Experiencing the Heart of Jesus." It's a study workbook and it's really good. Got it at a Christian bookstore. There are study guides for individual Bible books.

Wendy Said:

Help with teaching bible music class?

We Answered:

Google Abeka and see if they have any ideas for you: this is one of the most popular Christian curricula.
Also, if they are pre-school, you need to do fun things. Teach the songs about Bible stories (Who Did, Who Did, God Said to Noah, One More River, etc.) and have the kids dance and act out the stories as well as do crafts. There are dozens of free Christian websites to help you.

Alicia Said:

Bible study help!!!?

We Answered:

I think it is wonderful that you and your friends want to study the Bible! "Lula" gave some really good topics, and advice. I want to add something. It is very important that you say a prayer at the beginning of your study each time, asking God for his holy spirit to help guide you and to lead you to accurate knowledge and understanding of his word...also at the end of your study, to thank him.

(Matthew 18:20) “. . .For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.””

There is something that I would like to bring to your attention. It is the "Lord's Prayer" at
(Matthew 6:9-13) "“YOU must pray, then, this way:
“‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. 11 Give us today our bread for this day; 12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one.’"

Notice that the first thing that it says is about God's name. Learn all you can about it. Jesus is telling us how important it is, God's name. You can find God's name in the King James Version of the Bible at Psalm 83:18.

Next, Jesus said to pray for God's Kingdom to come, and for God's will to be done as in heaven, also upon the earth. Find out what that means, do research. Check everything you learn with the Scriptures, if something seems like it is too mysterious to understand, then maybe there is another explanation. God gave us his word, not to confuse us, but to help us learn what he requires. Find out what God's kingdom is. (read Daniel 2:44).

I wanted to add one other thing, Lula mentioned it in her answer, learn the books of the bible because it will make studying it so much easier. Learn them like 5 at a time, keep adding 5 until you know them all. You will be so glad you did. there are many adults that can't find scriptures because they don't know where to look. If you want some tips on making things easier to learn, I am an avid Bible student and will be glad to share some study tips. You can e-mail me. Hope you have a wonderful bible study group!

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