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Bible Study For Children

Todd Said:

Why do parents of American children let them study the bible?

We Answered:

We should exercise much more than once a week! A tutor on Sunday is not good because we all need a break from studies and work.

I do not agree with the bible but everyone has the right to their religion and the practice they choose.

Denise Said:

First Catholic bible that I'm going to buy. What type of bible (family, study, children etc.) do i get?

We Answered:

Well Bryan in my opinion you should try to get a copy of the Douay-Rheims version from which the original KJV translation was taken, the resemblance(apart from some changes in the KJV) are remarkable, and if you are used to the KJV then the Catholic Douay-Rheims will seem very familiar.
I have one myself and it is very accurate indeed to the original Greek and Latin texts, much more so than the `New Jerusalem Bible` that many Catholics use and indeed more accurate than any other I have read over the years.
Welcome home and God bless you.

Marshall Said:

how can i captivate students in bible study ?

We Answered:

Okay, let's face it. Bible study is boring. So, you need to make it not so boring.

The younger children might enjoy educational games and hands-on activities (such as drawing and coloring).

The older kids may enjoy working in groups (warning: they might talk a lot) to do some projects.

Or, You could have the younger ones do a play, such as the Christmas Story.

Good Luck! --Courtney

Scott Said:

Is the Honeycomb Hideout a good place for children to have Bible study ?

We Answered:

Yes but just don't get the pages all sticky.

Lorraine Said:

What is a good study bible for 18-year-olds?

We Answered:

Well - you have opened up a huge can of worms.

I can't really answer your question well unless you tell me some things about what you want in a study bible.

* do you want explanations of the meaning of bible passages (that is, interpretations)

* do you want "life application" advice - notes that tell you how the notes author thinks you should be applying particular bible passages in your life

* do you want translator's notes - notes that give you, for example, alternate possible translations and, when important, translations of the original language words

* what bible version do you want? If you don't know, this will help you to choose

* what else do you want this study bible to do for you?

E-mail me the answer to all of these questions. I warn you: when you do, I'll probably have even more questions (more specific) for you. However, answering these questions will be a big aid in narrowing down the possible choices. There are *dozens* of very good study bibles out there - but they are NOT good for all purposes.


Jessie Said:

Good Bible study for children?

We Answered:

Good for you! I have a 9 year-old son who is studying the earthly ministry of Jesus. He recently accepted Christ as his Savior (all on his own) and is asking to be baptized!

One very good resource is Jesus, Our Savior and Friend: The Hidden Treasures in the Gospels by Evelyn Wheeler. This Bible study is very interactive, and puts the child in the role of an archaeologist with maps, games and puzzles to solve as they search for God's truth. This book is recommended for 8-12 year-olds, so your daughter is probably just the right age to start it.

Another very good series that I highly recommend is the Discover 4 Yourself studies by Kay Arthur. Kay has been teaching adult level inductive Bible studies for years, but now has material for children available (ones below are for tweens--ages 8/9-12), with titles like:

How to Study Your Bible for Kids
Jesus in the Spotlight
Extreme Adventures With God
Bible Prophecy for Kids, Rev. 1-7

One thing I really like about Kay Arthur is that she is a leader, not a lecturer. Her main focus is to teach the methods and principles of inductive Bible study so people will learn how to study the Bible for themselves and understand what God is saying to them rather than having someone else's interpretation forced on them. You'll learn how to look for time references, repeated words and themes, look up words in the original languages for better understanding, run cross-references, etc.

Of course, nothing beats the Bible alone for the best study material--But, when you're first starting out, it really helps to have resources that will peak your interest and give you some direction in method.

Alfred Said:

Fellow Christians: Do you have any ideas for a child's bible study group?

We Answered:

If you visit your local Christian Book Shop, they should be able to advise you on just what is suitable material for children of the age group you hope to teach.
Personal, if I had set myself such an enormous task as to teach 6 too 8 year old children the Bible; which gives me the shudders just thinking about the little mob, I would start with things which could be interactive and fun. Obviously one needs to keep it simple as possible while holding on to truths, whilst making learning fun at the same time.
For example; the classic, Noah's Ark, a true story, interactive and fun.
Jonah and the Whale; an exciting story of someone trying to escape God's Will by going on a Mediterranee Cruise. As if he could!
Daniel; the Lions Den, a tale of bravery and faith.
Such stories are adventures to children, one could then slowly build up to the Gospels, by introducing the story of the baby Jesus.
Whatever you decide to do, I will pray on your behalf all goes well, just make sure you have plenty of coffee, you may need it.

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