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Bible Studies For Small Groups

Ray Said:

What is a good book of the Bible to study for a small college group?

We Answered:

I'm in college and really like Colossians. I find that it relates quite a bit to things that college students have to face on a regular basis. If it is a group of new believers or people who are just starting to find their way I find proverbs to be really good just because it is packed with so much stuff that is really easy to remember and use in everyday life. But if you are looking for more of an actual in depth bible study I would vote Colossians. But really any book would be great. I also feel you should pray to God and ask him to point you in the right direction. I'm sure if he has a plan for you he will make it obvious which book you should use. Good luck and God bless.

Cecil Said:

I'm leading worship for my Bible study for my small group (were in college). Any ideas?

We Answered:

Bring Kool Aid.

Bruce Said:

I am searching for 40 minute Bible studies for small groups. What do I need?

We Answered:

Precept Ministries International has a line of bible study books called "40-minute Bible Studies" specifically for small groups. You can go to their web site at and order the topic you are interested in. They also have other types of bible studies perfect for groups as well.

Guy Said:

Ideas for a Bible study/ small group?

We Answered:

At your age, the simplest study is to read the Bible start to finish. It works well with 2 or 3 people. Read a section, then make some short comments.

An alternative is to check online for study guides, or go to a christian bookstore and get a popular study guide.

Try to keep discussions to a minimum, however, a great question after each section you read is how to apply the information in your own life.

Hope you enjoy your studies.

Tracy Said:

Christian Small Group Study recommended?

We Answered:

The (ONLY) TIME that a Christian "Small Group" can be recommended is When the Information that You Are Going to Study is (TRULY) "Bible-Based" !

Jim Said:

can anyone tell me of a Bible based small group or bible study curriculum for 8-12 yr olds?

We Answered:

You want to tell us where you would like this place or would you prefer we guess?

Stratford Upon Avon?

Dave Said:

What is a good bible study small group name for a group of girls? Needs old fashioned princess-y twist.?

We Answered:

Seventh-day Adventist Christians preach the everlasting Gospel and keep the Biblical Sabbath(Saturday) day Holy(Exodus 20:8-11)."Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy." The Sabbath begins sundown Friday and ends sundown Saturday."

Sabbath School begin at 9:30am. Worship begin at 11:00am every Saturday.

God's true Church believes that Jesus is God.

God's true Church believes in the Trinity.

God's true Church believes in the death of Christ on the Cross.

God's true Church will uphold the Moral Law(Ten Commandments)

God's true Church will Baptize by Immersion not Sprinkling.

God's true Church will not eat Unclean Foods(Pork, Catfish, etc.)

God's true Church will be a Worldwide Church preaching the message of Christ.

God's true Church will teach Biblical literal six day Creation. NO Evolution.

God's true Church will have the gift of Prophecy.

God's true Church will preach Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

God's true Church will stand against Sexual Immorality. Homosexuality, Adultery and Fornication are Sins.

God's true Church will preach against Strong drink. Alcohol is not allowed. (Proverbs 20:1).

Remember God's true last day Church will not be a popular Church. Most people will attack God's Biblical Church with vigilance. Satan himself will attack God's Church(Revelation 14:12) Truth crushed to the ground will always rise to the top.

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