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Best Way To Study

Samantha Said:

What is the best way to study to the CPA in order to pass the first time??

We Answered:

I hear Becker is the BEST from multiple sources.

Calvin Said:

What is the best way to study for finals?

We Answered:

dont study to much just study ur notes in a quite place where no one when come in and bother u
also try studying with a group or ask a friend to help u

Dorothy Said:

What is the best way to study my spelling and vocabulary?

We Answered:

let someone quiz you, like study the words and vocab. and then let someone quiz about them like you would really be taking the test. Those that help?

Pearl Said:

What is the best way to study and manage your time in university ?

We Answered:

Does your child ever sleep? And does your "family" (assuming that means spouse) help out. If not, why not.

You simply have to budget your time the same way you do your finances. Pay the priorities first.

And when you study, learn how to study to get the most benefit from your study time. Take a class in how to study. It last about one week and is the best time you can spend.

Ask husband to cooperate when a test is approaching. If you approach him with the attitude that this will only be a few months out of a lifetime of being married, how can he refuse and still claim to want you to succeed?

Good luck.

Ethel Said:

What is the best way to study for an exam?

We Answered:

First of all when you take the class you read the assignments and take notes, you ask questions then you reread what was assigned. You do the homework. By the time you take a exam, you will already know what the answers are.

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