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About Study Skills

Alvin Said:

what is the best book to teach study skills memory?

We Answered:

Oh I read a really good book on memory;it was called..................................…

Maria Said:

identify your own strengths and potential strengths with respect to your study skills.?

We Answered:

You go first. List your strenghts and potential strengths and I'm sure every will offer thier opinion.

Right now, it sounds like you are just retyping an assignment that you were given and asking someone to do it for you.

Mary Said:

Has anyone any ideas about being encouraged to learn study skills?

We Answered:

A good book to buy is The Open University Good Study Guide. It's not too expensive and you might find second hand ones for sale on ebay. Make sure you get the latest edition though

Good luck and good question by the way.

Kay Said:

What are researchers saying about underlining, summarizing, and note taking as effective study skills?

We Answered:

Study skills are all dependant upon the individual, as we all have different methods of learning and absorbing information.

For some people, underline, summarisation and note taking may work, and for others it may not.

For me, I rarely underline except to make emphasis in my notes. I sometimes highlight if I am reading photocopied material but these days with pdf's, I don't do that. I summarise using point form notation more than anything else as my notes in my work and lab book, and then later write them up into full sentence paragraph papers etc.

If it works, use it, if it doesn't, then seek alternative methods like rote learning, associative learning, visual learning etc.

Sean Said:

How Do You Improve Your Study Skills?

We Answered:

Ok, first, find a room where there is no TV or gaming stuff, and no siblings or parents to disturb you. Take breaks every 45 minutes; walk the dog or something, just not anything TOO fun or else you will not want to get back to the hw. You can listen to music while you work, I don't understand how everyone thinks it is distracting; it personally helps me focus. Oh, and middle school is not all that big. Everyone thinks about it as something HUGE. It is not.. Just do your work, show up and follow the basic rules and you are gonna be good.

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assignment writing service said:

Study Skills are your own capabilities to research, to educate yourself, or to review learned material. taking notices nicely in your notebook, creating outlines for when you have to research for assessments, reading to improve vocabulary and study skills.

Herry said:

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Study skills are the skills you need to enable you to study and learn efficiently, they are an important set of transferable life skills.