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8th Grade Social Studies Textbook

Kathleen Said:

Teacher and Parents out there what textbook do your 7th and 8th graders use?

We Answered:

Well, you see, if you go to public school, you have to take whatever textbooks they give you. Most of my teachers don't issue them.

Samantha Said:

8th grade social studies/history homework help?

We Answered:

This would be my best answer based on the text. (I'm an 8th grader)

African Americans did not benefit directly from the New Deal, but they were given more places in United States government. Mexican Americans did receive aid from New Deal programs, although it was less than other groups.

Kirk Said:

What was one advantage of the North in the Civil War (8th grade Social Studies)?

We Answered:

the answer is D.

the North's economy was based on manufacturing and commerce, with more than five times as many factories as in the South. also, 70% of railroads in the country ran through Northern states at that time.

Lisa Said:

8th grade social studies homework help?

We Answered:

Hitler felt nothing but contempt for the leaders of France and England, calling them, "little worms".

For all his faults, madness, and evil, Hitler was a keen judge of character. He knew that the British would not go to war immediately if he attacked Poland because their leader--Neville Chamberlain--was a firm believer in the policy of appeasement. He knew that Chamberlain would try to forestall war again, and he was right. Two days after the attack on Poland, Prime Minister Chamberlain did not declare war on Germany (as Parliament had expected) but instead proposed a conference on the "Polish situation"!

As for the French, Hitler believed (correctly) that the French army was badly trained, poorly armed, and their leaders were incompetents. Considering that the entire French army was defeated by the Nazis in less than six days, you can begin to understand his contempt.

Scott Said:

8th grade social studies hw help?

We Answered:

The great plains is in the middle of the United States. Kansas, Oklahoma, so on and so on. the great flat farm lands. Lots of people moved out west to the plain states to farm. Look it up on wikipedia.
The government gave land out to settlers to farm. The Irish was one group of people that took this offer up. You do the rest.

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