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7th Grade Social Studies Book

Maureen Said:

username and password for the 7th grade social studies or world geography onlne text book?

We Answered:

Im afraid Allie is right.

Ted Said:

Where can I find information on Africa for a 7th grade social studies book without long reaserch papers.?

We Answered:

Ie. I don't really want to do my work or even do a good job on it so I'm looking for an easy way out....

Robert Said:

Help with 7th grade social studies question?

We Answered:


Brittany Said:

Please, please, please help me with some Social Studies Questions. I forgot my book in my locker!! PLZZ?

We Answered:

1. what role did geography of Europe play in the development of and ways of life in medieval towns?

Most of the towns in medieval Europe were small. Florence topped out at 90,000 before the famines and plagues of the 14th century.. But the bulk of places could count their numbers with four and even three digits, falling well short of what today can be called a town. In addition to offering commercial and administrative services, towns carried on craft production for markets, local or distant. Cloth was the dominant commodity – wool, silk, linen, and some mixtures – but metal, leather, wood, and glass/ceramic wares abounded. The town exchanged
these with its environs for the food, materials, and also the wood it needed for fuel and so many other uses. Strong urbanization co-located with intensive and advanced agriculture, though the direction of causation, is hard to establish. Financial institutions – the early bankers, credit instruments, high-value coins, bourses, and systems of accounts – were also to be found in the urban cores.…

For questions 2 - 4 go to this link for answers
Dynamic Culture of Medieval Europe…

Allen Said:

I need help on my social studies?

We Answered:

They were formed by glaciers during the last ice age.

Miriam Said:

7th grade social studies help needed fast!!!?

We Answered:

The soldiers didn't have much experience.
they didn't have much money
they didn't have much support
the winters were extremely hard because of their lack of warm clothes,
They didn't have a lot of soldiers.…

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