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6th Grade Social Studies

Bryan Said:

what was the most important thing that you learned in 6th and 7th grade social studies?

We Answered:

we learnt about the mughals in our 6th 7th class

Chris Said:

6th grade social studies?

We Answered:

This is called “Methods of Teaching” and is a required course at many universities so, many books offering suggestions are available. No money, no supplies, no problem, if you know what to do.

Chit chat in the classroom… Bill, where do you live? Does the street go east and west? How do you know that? What type of trees did you pass on the way to school? When I was your age I had to walk five miles to school and it was up-hill, both ways. Do you walk up-hill. How did that hill get there?

Suzie, and the class can bring boxes to class to make poster boards. Now draw the outline of a Country on the cardboard… Add a river, city, mountain, or monument. It is okay to trace, you are not an art critic.

Who thinks the world is round. Will those who believe the world is round please stand-up. Produce an inflated round balloon, put a heavy book on top of it. Now explain, This is the shape in the world. Are you a believer.

If the iceberg is one inch cubed and I put it water, how much of it will be underwater?

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to figure it out. That’s Ratio, Mass, Gravity and the implications of the Ice Age.

Jordan Said:

Can you help me with my 6th grade social studies homework?

We Answered:

well in both rwanda and burundi the tutsi were seen as better because they were lighter skined, in comparison to the twa and hutu groups. however this theory was not just developed by the belgians it was also exorcised by the germans who lost the territory after wwi and the british and french who held significant influence in the region
the tutsi were put given better educations during the colonial period and when the country gained independance they naturally took over, which in return caused all the tension...

Mattie Said:

What is a good website for 6th grade social studies teachers?

We Answered:

Teaching Resources……

Resources for Educators…

Leo Said:

Where can I find penpals for my 6th grade social studies classes?

We Answered:

Try this link.

If you are a kid or teen (age 5 - 17) seeking real snail mail pen pals for kids, your parents must get involved before I can send any pen pal listings to you. Please let your parent read this page so he/she can decide if this pen pal opportunity is for you, or not... OK?
After you submit your pen pal ad, you must get your parents permission before we will use it, no permission, we simply delete the ad. This is unfortunate, we'd love you to have pen pals, but we also need to know that your parent agrees so that we can keep this safe.

Kathy Said:

Good 6th grade social studies project?

We Answered:

How about Obama Care (aka health care) this is a huge current topic of debate. A lot of people don't like it the republicans are trying to repeal it when they take office in Jan.

How about how former President Bush handled Hurricane Katrina. A lot of people think he didn't do enough and did not act soon enough. There is a lot of articles about this as well. This was pretty current as well.

Isn't it funny how most people remember the failures of those who are in the position of the highest power.

How about the sinking of the Titanic. People argue different sides of this issue as well.


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