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6th Grade Social Studies Textbook

Ross Said:

how do you make an 8th grade social studies outline?

We Answered:

All outlines have the same basic structure:

I. Main Topic
A. Sub-topic
1. stuff about the sub-topic
2. more stuff about the sub-topic
B. another sub-topic


Bradley Said:

Is this too difficult for sixth grade?

We Answered:

It may be a little overwhelming at first for the sixth graders, but they will eventually get the hang of it and it will all be very beneficial in the long run. So, no, I don't think that is too difficult.

Richard Said:

Were do u get a Grade 6 Hougtin Mifflin Social Studies textbook??

We Answered:

from ur science teacher

Audrey Said:

Homescool help?

We Answered:

Why buy textbooks? I thought part of the reasoning behind homeschooling was to avoid ineffective teaching strategies like reading textbooks. Instead find good nonfiction and even fictional books about the topics you are covering and read those instead. Your child will be exposed to many more viewpoints that way, and maybe won't end up hating reading like so many people who are forced to read textbooks.

Joseph Said:

What are the most popular textbooks used in homeschooling?

We Answered:

Try this…

Discuss It!

peter pan said:

i just want t ofind a fucking s.studies book damn

Maximum Ride said:

yea because my password wouldnt wrk on holt mcdougal now i couldnt go on it and this was my 1st day at a new school if they find out im dead

Lol said:

I need the textbook not a website to buy one!!!!!!