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5th Grade Social Studies Book

Ana Said:

5th grade Social Studies lesson?

We Answered:

When i was in school i had really fun teachers. For social studies if we reinacted that part of history it stuck in my head. Example:
Boston tea party (threw teabags at our teachers)
Boston Massacre (had a paper snowball fight in our classroom

Marlene Said:

Social Studies Terms - 8th grade?

We Answered:

Dear Becky when we get to take our tests it's absolutely forbidden to forget books at home because it's
case - sensitive and because i'm very but pretty severe with whatever has to deal with learning, teaching and tests Sorry but in this matter you need a good punishment in order to remember the next time to
get your books with you because if i answer that will be cheating. Do you want it? I'm sorry my BECKY
but this is your lesson for today No Answer about anything above so this action is not going to be repeated again. Good luck with your tests.

Max Said:

Social Studies Homework Help(9th grade)?

We Answered:

2-Martin Luther
4-praise of folly

Daryl Said:

PLEASE HELP!!!! 5th grade Social Studies!!!!!! HELP PLEASSEEEEEEE THANNK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

uhh dude i cant help you much but im in 6th grade remeber the teachers will be harsh on you trust can always go back to school and get the book right?

Bryan Said:

Social Studies question?

We Answered:

read the lesson at home and on the way to school so you remember

Jeff Said:

i need some social studies homework help? (7th grade level)?

We Answered:

lol at making us do ur homework

Arthur Said:

Social Studies Books for Readers Theater?

We Answered:

Here's a link with 35 pages of children's books related to colonial times.…

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jello said:

i left my book at school

becky said:

i left my book at school

bryce said:

cool im a teacher

dayana said:

stupid i am a nerd

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dum dum said:

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vicky said:

i forgot my social studies text book at school!!!could you help me?

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radom said:

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