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4th Grade Social Studies

Jean Said:

What is a branch in the meaning of social studies for 4th grade? Logan?

We Answered:

Legislative, Judicial and Executive are the three branches of government...

Jeffrey Said:

I need an idea for a 4th grade social studies project....HELP ME !?

We Answered:

like a research project?? try her favorite animal or something!you can say stuff about its habitats, habits, diets, size, etc!

Shane Said:

how would i go about making a model for 4th grade social studies?

We Answered:

Is this the cannon you are trying to model?…

If so, may I suggest a tapered table leg (available at home improvement stores and some hardware stores). Cut the section out of the leg that will best match the scale you are choosing. Wheel disk can be cut from many materials including Styrofoam or wood it you have the tools. Drawing the wheel with a compass will mark the edge and center so that a center hole is in fact centered. A wooden dowel for the axle a block of Styrofoam for the cradle and some balsa wood for the carriage (soak in boiling water if you want to bend it) and you should be well on your way. Paint is also necessary.

Good luck. Contact me through my profile if you run into a snag. I'll try my best to help.

Alexander Said:

Help with 4th grade social studies project?

We Answered:

First, a picture of a schooner:…

Now, for some info:

Look at the bottom of the page of the 2nd link. There's a yellow box that has exactly what you need. Including instructions on constructing a Prarie Schooner.

Good Luck.

Susan Said:

What do students normally learn in 4th grade Social Studies? What do students normally learn about in 4th?

We Answered:

The best resource for your question would be your state's Standard Course of Study. In NC, for example, you can find this on

In my state, 4th graders focus on government on a state level, as well as the state's history and progress. In Language Arts, it's basically a continuation of 3rd grade's curriculum with greater focus on particular genres. Unless I'm doing it wrong, there's no super specific focus in LA. We do, however, have state mandated writing tests. The kids have to write 2 expository pieces on demand and 2 content pieces over time with help. The latter is pretty hard for them. I don't know if this is similar in other states, but hopefully it's helped you some. :)

Shane Said:

I need a good idea for a 4th grade social studies project. Any ideas?

We Answered:

In Grade 4 we had to write a short story on children in a recent world event. At the time people wrote about the war in Rwanda, or in Former Yugoslavia.

It was one of the most impactful things I was ever asked to do in primary school. The teacher started us with biographies written by children in those situations and countries (not Ann Frank but similar). We had to research stuff on the country - politics, geography, weather, anything that could help make our story realistic.

In the end I wrote about Tutsi twins escaping their pillaged village to make it out to a refugee camp, and meeting/making friends with a Hutu boy who was also fleeing the fighting.

It wasn't elaborate, and our class' stories weren't long but it was a good exercise to help us reflect on what life could be like if we were less priviledged as young kids, as well as to better understand the news and images we were seeing on TV. Somehow each and every one of the students' essays ended up finding a message for hope and change in the world, which went to show that kids not only can think about these things intelligently, but also sometimes help adults see a different side of life.

Good luck!

Nathaniel Said:

4th grade social studies project salt water maps were can i view them?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what a salt water map is but Public Libraries usually have extensive map collections in the reference section.

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