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4th Grade Social Studies Textbook

Virgil Said:

What was going through their minds?

We Answered:

because school = retarded

Brandy Said:

More errors have been introduced into the following Reference List . Please find as many as possible. Thanks.?

We Answered:

Aren't YOU supposed to find them for your homework?

Dorothy Said:

Do you believe schools are crazy now?

We Answered:

LEt's think about this logically 2 vocab pages, a spanish worksheet, and some math , science and history is not much i am in an IB high school and i only take 2 hours to do my hw

Ryan Said:

can you help me make sense of school supply list?

We Answered:

The binders are just plastic covered cardboard binders, literally, with three rings and a 'bind' of one and a half inches.

These are probably one inch, but you get it:…

Looseleaf paper is just notebook filler paper; lined paper with three holes on the left side.…

Dividers are like 10x8 1/2 inch sheets of reinforced paper with three holes to the left and a tab on the right. You place them in a binder and in the space between two sheets, you place your papers. They are intended to 'divide' your subjects.…

I'm sure you get the rest, but I hope that's been helpful.

Dave Said:

lol i have some homwork questions!! ;DD?

We Answered: in 8th grade too and what type of teacher do you have cause.... i would never be asked these questions... try serching on google though =] hoped i helped

Glen Said:

Help with 7th grade social studies?

We Answered:

You can use a search engine and look up the answers. You learn more that way./

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