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Study Abroad In America

Vanessa Said:

Does UK provide financial aid for students leaving abroad to study?

We Answered:

Your options are applying to one of the few American schools that offer internationals scholarships (mostly ivy league and very top schools) or finding a boat load of cash, US schools will cost you $30,000 to $50,000 for each of 4 years before travel costs.

See article in Finalcial times last week about top US colleges stealing the very top UK students.

Maurice Said:

I am from Pakistan and wish to study abroad. Should I study in America or Britain?

We Answered:

study in afganistan, they have a large contingent of pakistans there studying in electronics etc

Tyrone Said:

In your opinion, what would be the best country to study abroad in South America?

We Answered:

Hi Erikka, I think Argentina or Peru could be good.

Byron Said:

Have you studied abroad (specifically America), would you recommend it and which University is the best?

We Answered:

hugely expensive, they treat you like children, all very left wing liberal, huge drugs culture

Sara Said:

I want to study abroad in America. what can I do?

We Answered:

hello Angela.

If money is not a problem, then nothing is. Also, you don't need a sponsor to study in US!

First of all, everything is explained on a university's international admission web page. For example:…

To get to a page like this, google a US university followed by international admission.
Like on google, type: University of Arizona International Admission.

Basically, Apply, pass TOEFL (english test), get accepted, apply for student visa. Everything is explained on every universities international admission page.

Instead of going directly, I would recommend doing a transfer program. In Malaysia, we have colleges that do this; we take courses here and then transfer them to a US university.

It is cheaper and we could get used to the american way of education before going.

Look into CLEP tests too, if you pass them, you could use it for US.

Amber Said:

are there any scholarships offered to australian high school student to go study abroad in america or england?

We Answered:

There are 12 month programs with Rotary - but nothing for only 6 months. As you require "house" accommodation and not "dorm" accommodation its too hard to go through organising this for less than a year on the part of the committee.

Maria Said:

Study abroad scholarships ( America/Australia/New Zealand)?

We Answered:

I dont believe that they hand out scholarships to international students, the best thing to do would be get over there quick and attend high school as you may be able to get one that. And the way their education is you'd only be repeting things

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