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Social Studies Websites

Cynthia Said:

Social Studies Report on Germany, Websites/ web references?

We Answered:

Germany is such a big country with many different regions and sub-cultures. Can you pick a particular region of Germany? Bavaria is a very interesting area of Germany and has a unique German culture all its own.

This site offers a good starting point:

Here is something that start with Z...Zugspitze! The highest point in Germany. It is in The Bavarian Alps .

Good luck on your report!

Holly Said:

What classes are considered social studies?

We Answered:

If they're not including history as part of social studies, then the rest of the social studies classes would be psychology, government/poli sci, sociology, economics, anthropology; also called social sciences in college courses.

Becky Said:

I need websites for a social studies project.?

We Answered:

Since I'm an American and can't go to Cuba legally, I'd pick Cuba. I'm curious about anywhere I'm told that I can't go. And I also find it interesting that so many people will do anything to leave there and come to the US.

Lauren Said:

is there any good websites for a 10th grader to study her social studies ogt?

We Answered:

Try the new online learning management system called haiku LMS. It is free (they also have paid accounts), fast and easy.

Post content from your hard drive (photos, files, links, text, audio, video) or from Flickr, YouTube, Google Video and ODEO. v2.0 comes out this summer and includes online discussions, private messaging, homework drop box and an excellent grade book.

Bradley Said:

what are some good websites for 7th grade social studies help?

We Answered:

look in ur book or on the back there should b a website..what to u need help with, exactly?
EDIT: do u know the company who made your book? u could just go on their website they'll have a list of books they made or w/e...or u could look up any of ur questions online...btw i dont think those are in the middle east...middle east is like jordan lebanon and iraq or something. :) good luck!

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