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Social Studies Textbooks

Kurt Said:

what social studies textbook do 8th graders in Punta Gorda Middle School use?

We Answered:

Im only in 7th, but I know its a History book. Because my cousin is in 8th. But I don't go to that school. But don't worry, they will give you the books when you go.

Jamie Said:

Easy Social Studies Question....Please Help!!!!!?

We Answered:

Andrew Jackson. He started the spoils system by firing people in government and replacing them with his own supporters.

Alicia Said:

Social Studies Question....Please Help!!!!?

We Answered:

is it the industrial revolution?

Jared Said:

Where is the Gazetteer of a social studies textbook?

We Answered:

it depends....look in the table of contents

Ana Said:

what does this mean? its from my social studies textbook?

We Answered:

ism is the key word. Meaning a doctrine, theory or practice.
Humanism...thought centered on human interests

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