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Social Studies Questions

Philip Said:

Social Studies questions please help only 2 multiple choice?

We Answered:

Well, I probably shouldn't just tell you the answer, so I will explain it as well

1) What is an important technology the US and Soviet Union gained in 1952 and 1953?

the radar was first invented back in 1904, and had its first main use on December 7, 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, so it's probably not "A"

the hydrogen bomb was first used in 1946 and was first tested in 1952 by the United States, whereas the Soviet Union tested it for the first time in 1953

so I think the answer to the first question would be "B"

Homing missiles did not become popular until the 1980's, so I would have to eliminate "C" as well

the laser was not invented until 1958, so I would have to say that "D" would not be right

so that leaves "B" - that is my guess

the second one is a little more tricky, but I think "D" is the best answer for that one, because from 1900-1918, which fits your time frame, there was a lot of industrial growth in this country.

one thing I do know is that immigration actually started to INCREASE, not decrease, so I would almost have to tell you to eliminate "C", and I don't think that increasing taxes would be a big factor in reform movements, so I would also eliminate "B". As for US rights, that didn't really start happening significantly until the 1960's. For example, women didn't start getting the right to vote until 1919, I am not sure if that would really fit into the time frame. So I personally would not choose "A" either

so I would say that the answers are "B" for #1 and "D" for #2

hope that helps

Shannon Said:

I need help with a few Social Studies questions?

We Answered:

1. The ancient Egyptians’ attitude towards death was influenced by their belief in immortality. They regarded death as a temporary interruption, rather than the cessation of life. To ensure the continuity of life after death, people paid homage to the gods, both during and after their life on earth. When they died, they were mummified so the soul would return to the body, giving it breath and life. Household equipment and food and drink were placed on offering tables outside the tomb's burial chamber to provide for the person's needs in the afterworld.

2. not sure

3. Part of the labor force working on the pyramids would have been organized as a crew, perhaps consisting of 2,000 men. This crew was divided into two gangs of 1,000 workers, which in turn was divided into five zaa (in each gang), a term that was translated by the ancient Greeks as "phyloi" or phyle, meaning tribe, group or brotherhood. Each Phyle consisted of about 200 mean

Kent Said:

How do you answer fourth grade questions for social studies?

We Answered:

The answer is prehistory.

Sue Said:

Can you help me with these social studies questions?

We Answered:

1 b
2 c
3 a
4 b

Leroy Said:

help me with these social studies questions?

We Answered:

first, the word "both" is extranious.
second, why don't you at least try to answer and show us these and then ask for help. this isn't homework answers, it's homework help...

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