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Social Studies Projects

Paula Said:

Social Studies?

We Answered:

All I know is he was called Ramesses The Great.

Aaron Said:

social studies projects?

We Answered:

The Holocaust and the Cold War are easy, but what class are you in- World Hist, US Hist, just Social Studies? alittle more info would be helpful so we could give better answers.

Phyllis Said:

How do I create a table of contents for a social studies project?

We Answered:

In table of content you need to write the contents(topics) you have covered that too page no. wise like the way its given in a book.
Abstract is the introduction of your project.
Body means the whole project like if you are making a project on Mahatma Gandhi then whatever research you have done on his life that will come here.
Then you write the conclusions drawn from the project.
Bibliography is a place where you write the names of the books and websites from where you have taken help in doing your project.

Gabriel Said:

What are some titles of a great social studies project?

We Answered:

I study in eight. he can do like this and if he likes it then give me 10 points please!!


Christy Said:

Remember in school when you had to do social studies and science projects?? My daughter needs your help...?

We Answered:

No I don't smoke
First Drink of alcohol at age 14

Good Luck!!

Bessie Said:

What would be a good social studies project for 6th graders to pay attention to?

We Answered:

i would say something on archeology
when i was in 6th grade i did an archeology project and mine was the best in the class

plus you can get some interseting things on archeology
just a recomendation!

hope this topic helps :)

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